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400 years ago, a great war is brewed between the West and East continent. Seda makes a deal with a wizard who mixes Seda's blood with a witch's blood in order to defeat his enemies. Upon achieving victory, Seda gets attack by an assassin, but his beloved Sophia is killed instead. Feeling angry, Seda let loose, the Dark Genie, the entity of Seda's anger.



During the ceremony, Flagg has a group of curse dancers with their blood mixed with human and witches to summon the Dark Genie from his slumber. After the Dark Genie has awaken, he snatches Flagg's assistant and gulps him down.


Although the Dark Genie did not appear in front of Toan directly, he controls Seda's body and forces Seda to attack Toan in Divine Beast's Cave.

Dark Heaven Castle and the Gallery of Time

When Toan and his gang pilot the Sun Giant and reaches the outskirts of Dark Heaven Castle, the Dark Genie and Flagg confront them. He fights the Sun Giant and gets destroyed by Toan's allies. However, the Dark Genie is still alive because he has possessed Flagg's body. He reveals that his true form is intangible and that he possessed a mouse's body. Using Flagg's body, he destroys the Sun Giant easily.

At the castle, he possesses Seda again after Seda explains to Toan on how to destroy the Dark Genie.


Other Appearances

The Dark Genie also makes a cameo appearance in Dark Cloud 2 as a secret boss.


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