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    Dark Knights

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    A team of twisted, malevolent versions of Batman gone wrong from different worlds in the Dark Multiverse. Many of them are a version of Batman with elements or aspects of another DC character, often a member of the Justice League.

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    Within the Dark Multiverse exist universes that represent the fears and nightmares of those living in the "true" DC Multiverse. Within the Dark Multiverse, anything that can go wrong does, and each has its own unique horrors and tragedies. But, just as nightmares eventually end, so too do the Dark Multiverse worlds eventually crumble away. However, the malicious being Barbatos, seeking to conquer the multiverse, brought over a team of alternate versions of Batman plucked from different worlds in the Dark Multiverse. The original roster was:

    • The Batman Who Laughs: From Earth -22, he is a version of Batman who took on the personality and viciousness of the Joker after being exposed to a virulent strain of Joker toxin after killing the Clown. The leader of the Dark Knights.
    • The Devastator: From Earth -1, he is a version of Batman who injected himself with a modified Doomsday virus to kill Superman after the latter mysteriously turned evil and killed many, including Lois Lane.
    • The Drowned: From Earth -11, she is a genderbent version of Batman who started a war with Atlantis due to her violent distrust of all metahumans.
    • The Merciless: From Earth -12, he is a version of Batman who, following the apparent death of his lover Wonder Woman, took Ares' helmet and killed him, becoming a new God of War.
    • The Dawnbreaker: From Earth -32, he is a younger Bruce Wayne who got a Green Lantern ring the same night his parents were murdered, using it to become a violent vigilante.
    • The Murder Machine: From Earth -44, he is a version of Batman who was transformed into a machine by an out-of-control AI modelled after Alfred.
    • The Red Death: From Earth -52, he is a version of Batman who forcefully fused himself with the Flash to become a speedster, quickly losing his moral compass in the aftermath.

    Each of them represents different fears of Batman's, as well as serving as worthy foes for his teammates in the Justice League.


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