Dark Lord Valvoga

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    Dark Lord Valvoga is actually three Overlords in one, consisting of Micky the Demon General, Ophelia the Fallen Angel, and Dryzen the Star Dragon. Valvoga is often summoned to be the "last boss" in various video games.

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    like i sad he is three overlords in one here is some more about all of them
    Dark Lord Valvoga is actually three different Overlords in one.
     Micky the Demon General in the top, while micky is suppose to be the one in charge he often gets bulled into doing by his other two parts.

     Ophelia the Fallen Angel in the middle, she is the smart one of the valvoga body manipulating micky to do her will but when some else tries
    to manipulate micky she gets pissed off.

     Dryzen the Star Dragon on the bottom, dryzen bullies around Micky because it's fun to him.
     Dryzen is massive, insane dragon skull with his most common statement tends to be little more than "Kill!
    Valvoga is often summoned to be the "last boss" in various other video games.


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