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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

When this game was first released it was marked down for being a poor man's Oblivion. This was incredibly unfair as the game was never meant to be an epic RPG, however people saw the fantasy setting and the first person perspective and naturally assumed. The best way to think about Dark Messiah is that of a linear first person shooter, but with swords and magic instead of shotguns and rocket launchers.

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Simply put this game is a much needed breath of fresh air. Utilising, and enhancing Valves Source engine the player is treated to a beautiful looking game which of course also gives the player incredible in game physics to play about with. Using the physics when going into battle with the NPCs is incredibly satisfying because there are so many ways to take down your enemies utilising the environment around you. I just had a manic grin on my face while I used my telekinesis power to throw jars of oil on to enemies and then setting them alight with my flame power.
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Watching orcs slip on ice to their death on cliff peaks NEVER gets tired!
Basic sword play is also very satisfying and brutal, using Mouse 1 to attack and mouse 2 to parry. This gives the player opportunities to experiment with different swings, power moves, counters and combos on the fly. A lot of criticism has been levelled at the kicking ability being overpowered, but in truth this is an exaggeration as the ability uses up a lot of stamina and players who rely on that tactic quickly find themselves fatigued and ultimately dead. Bethesda really could learn a thing or two from this game, as it seems to be the only FPS melee system that actually works and is interesting to the player.
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The atmosphere is excellent as is the beautifully orchestrated soundtrack.
You can pick up this game for pennies now and I whole heartily recommend that you do.

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