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    Dark Pit

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    A doppleganger of Pit that appears in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Though he supposedly represents Pit's dark side, he still desires to defeat Medusa.

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    Dark Pit is a character that appears in Kid Icarus: Uprising. He is a doppleganger of Pit, the game's protagonist, created when Pit destroys the Mirror of Truth that Pandora holds in her possession. Despite supposedly representing Pit's dark side, however, he does not have any admiration for Medusa nor the Underworld Army. After his creation, Dark Pit assists Pit in defeating Pandora only to take Pandora's power for himself before fleeing.

    Amusingly, despite being a copy of Pit, he believes himself to be the "true" Pit, scolding Pit at one point for "stealing his look". Pit and Palutena, on the other hand, take to referring to Dark Pit as Pittoo, much to his annoyance, because he's "Pit, too." While at times displaying antagonistic qualities, often outright battling the protagonist Pit, Dark Pit is best described as an antihero as he is prepared to fight alongside his light counterpart against the forces of evil.

    Though not an official character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, one of Pit's alternate color palettes results in a similar-looking character.

    Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Dark Pit makes his first appearance in Uprising at the conclusion of Chapter 5. After overcoming Pandora, the Goddess of Calamity, Pit destroys the Mirror of Truth. However, this was all part of Pandora's plan, as the destruction of the mirror results in the creation of Dark Pit. However, a crack present in the mirror prior to its destruction prevents Dark Pit from being controlled by Pandora. Instead, he aids Pit in defeating Pandora for a second time. Moments after the duo's victory, he casts Pit aside and absorbs Pandora's power for himself, granting himself unlimited power of flight. He then flees before Pit can stop him.

    The two Pits meet in battle once again in Chapter 13, with Pit defeating Dark Pit once more. Dark Pit then escapes once again. Later, in Chapter 21, Dark Pit returns to aid Pit in a united battle against the Chaos Kin. After Pit and Dark Pit defeat the Chaos Kin and save Palutena, the Chaos Kin revives with just enough energy to attack Dark Pit and drive him off a ledge. Despite Palutena and Viridi's insistence that Pit not follow, Pit risks his wings, and his life, to retrieve Dark Pit from the Kin's grasp.

    Though Pit manages to save Dark Pit, his wings burn up in the process, leaving him critically injured. Dark Pit takes over as the player-controlled character during Chapter 22 in order to help Palutena and Viridi revive him. He flies to a renewal spring with the power to heal and revitalize those that touch its waters, but when he arrives, the energy he had stolen from Pandora escapes him and coalesces in the spring, resulting in Pandora's return. After defeating her revived form, Dark Pit is able to dip Pit's wings into the pool, healing him instantly. With no intent to stick around, Dark Pit then attempts to make a quick exit, but forgets that he no longer has Pandora's power and almost falls to his death, but Viridi saves him.

    After Pit is swallowed whole by Hades during their first battle, Dark Pit commands the Lightning Chariot to break him free by piloting it directly through Hades's body. At the end of the game, Dark Pit is present and shares in the celebration of Hades's defeat.

    In the multiplayer portion of the game, Dark Pit appears in Light vs. Dark mode. When the dark team's energy bar is emptied, the final defeated team member revives as Dark Pit, mirroring Pit, who will spawn as the final defeated team member for the light side.

    Voice Actors

    Dark Pit is voiced by Antony Del Rio in English and Minami Takayama in Japanese, the same voice actors for Pit.


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