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    Dark Prison

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    In Mortal Kombat: Deception, the Dark Prison arena houses many past kombatants. The far wall also features a fatality, one activated by herding your opponent into the space between the tall, spiked presses.

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    The Dark Prison mysteriously houses plenty of MK characters. They wave and shout from the background and sides of the stage. At the start, the combatants battle on a kind of balcony, but after a powerfully dealt blow the players will inevitably find themselves on the lower level, at the center of the main stage.
    The surprise in the stage comes not in the Death Trap, but from those jailed NPCs behind the bars. If a player is pressed into a corner, the inmate closest may grab and temporarily restrain the player, opening them up for free hits.


    The Dark Prison appears only once in the Mortal Kombat series, in Deception.

    Death Trap

    Knock your opponent over that red flashing arc on the floor and they'll be imPRESSED by your knack... ah forget it. They'll die.

    Dark Prison death trap
    Dark Prison death trap


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