Full Fast Travel Screens?

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I was talking to a guy on XBL who said he had finished the game and I read through all my fast travel locations to him to see if I had missed any areas because he said I was outside the final boss and he told me I was done and had nothing left to do except go back and kill the optional bosses or finish the game.

But, since it was just a random guy on XBL, I was wondering if any screens existed of all the fast travel locations opened? I searched DS 2 full fast travel but search engines are shit these days because the internet has a trillion fucking pages on it now.

Also were the ??? fast travel areas confirmed to be areas that you hadn't discovered yet or were they a glitch, because I don't have those anymore...

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Areas that show up blank on your fast travel screen are places you haven't visited yet. I've posted a link of the areas in the game below. For the most part, what the guy on XBL told you is correct, but there may be some stuff you missed other than bosses. For example, if you've beaten the Smelter Demon, try returning to his arena for a surprise.


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After a certain point, the game reveals all bonfires, with ??? representing what you haven't discovered yet. If all are revealed, you've seen them all.

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The ??? locations appear after you speak to Nashandra.

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@viciousanchovy: Thanks dude, that chart was exactly what I needed. I'm kind of bummed out that I've been to every single area. I know there is extra hidden stuff if you go back and New Game + has a bunch of tweaks and surprises but for me the biggest joy of Souls games is discovering new areas and been blown away by the genius of the developers level design and art direction. Damn...

So if I kill Nashandra will I be forced into NG+ ? I forget how it worked in the other games...

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@pinner458: no, you only start ng+ when you select the menu option at the Majula bonfire.

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@pinner458: No, in this game, you have to return to The Far Fire to go to NG+. After you beat Nashandra, you can still explore and what not, and Chloanne will sell every type of stone to you in addition to having an infinite amount of the basic stones.

And just to clarify about returning to the Smelter Demon's arena, you don't have to be on NG+ to encounter what I'm talking about. Also, you may have been to all of the bonfires, but there are also multiple memories you can enter like you did for fighting The Last Giant. Most of them are accessible by the withered giants in the first area, but there's also a memory you can enter in the room where you fought The Duke's Dear Freja.

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