NG+ Considering stat change for magic weapons

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I created a pure strength build for my first character, and I just started NG+. I want to incorporate some sort of magic in this build, and I wanna get some opinions on how to make changes. I'm not interested in offensive magic, but I may want to try out some miracles. Maybe weapon buffs if they're available? Otherwise it's mostly just wanting to use magic weapons.


VGR: 39

END: 30

VIT: 30

ATN: 5

STR: 40

DEX: 20

ADP: 20

INT: 5


I've never built a magic character, so I have no idea where to even begin. I use pretty heavy weapons, so I like my endurance. I know I'm going to have to take some points out of VGR and VIT, but I'd like to hear what you guys think. INT vs FTH?

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INT is great for high damage and PvP. INT AND FAITH is kind of broken OP from what I'm hearing. Faith is great for PvE. I breezed through my first playthrough with a Str faith character.

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If your really not interested in offensive spells and only want increase you weapon damage go intelligence since it only takes up to level 10 to get a spell that increases damage by 50, and from there the higher level ones increase magic damage more but keeps the same 50 point increase to weapon damage. (NOTE: it's 50 magic damage increase not physical)

Faith can be as low as level 25 but requires 4 attunement slots since it does a lot of other things. Other than that just to get increase weapon damage you need level 36 faith to get a weapon boost.

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If you want to stay a strength melee but also incorporate some magic like buffs or healing then I'm going to recommend the Black Knight Greataxe. It scales with Str, Dex and Fire and you can use the Flame Weapon buff on it. Basically you'd need the stats you currently have (40 Str, and 18 Dex), plus 5 more for Int, Fatih and Atn (or use a ring for atunement slots). Since Flame Weapon is a Pyromancy it has no level requirements. You've probably got enough Fire Seeds to fully upgrade a Pyromancy Flame.

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I'm biased towards Faith myself, so my reply is mostly useless. I prefer look over statistics. I couldn't care less if Soul Arrow does more damage than Lightning Spear (if that's even true, I don't know just an example), Lightning Spear looks awesome. Soul Arrow does not.

Also awesome, Force. Highly underused.

Anyway, if you're not interested in offensive spells: Sunlight Blade is amazing. Replendant Life is pretty good. Magic Barrier is good. Sacred Oath is pretty good in co-op. But it wastes slots and doesn't last very long.

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