1ST ever parry / riposte in PvP...stoked.

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Tonight I'm throwing down my summon sign at the base of the stairs in the forest. I get summoned. We had a great streak going as well. We were an efficient and deadly team. Then all of the sudden its 2v2. My partner takes in the lead phantom while I deal with the second who is trying to flank us. All of the sudden it pokey v pokey. Two estocs going back and forth in a flurry. Then I see my chance, parry, as in Katy Parry. Or Matthew Parry. Either way I get that satisfying donk sound and I ram the 'stoc home in the phantom's chest. Game over. It was awesome. Thanks for listening.

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The thing about doing a successful parry and riposte is that with lag you have to anticipate an attack and parry right at the moment you feel an attack is coming. You then have to wait about half a second to see if it connects. I've had many successful parry attempts wasted because I rolled out of the way thinking it didn't connect only to see the animation once I'm out of riposte range.

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Daww, well done fellow undead.

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It sure is great =)

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If you want to learn more about PvP I recommend watching this guy's videos:

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Love it. Pulling a win out of your butt is one of the best moments to be had in this game.

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That was like reading an ancient forgotten language. MMORPGs are weird.

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