Accidentally killed 1st Pyro trainer, can I access the others?

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Hey guys, I've found myself caught in a bit of a sticky wicket. So I accidentally attacked the pyro trainer you find in the Depths, and heard you can bring people back by paying the Absolution fee to the NPC underneath the gargoyle's tower. Unfortunately, I paid the HUGE fee for absolution, but the pyro trainer is still missing. This is sort of a big issue as my character is a melee/pyro hybrid, and I'll need access to a pyro trainer at some point.

Can I access the other pyro trainers? I tried looking for the 2nd one outside Quelaag's but didn't see her. Also, is there something I'm missing with this absolution stuff? It'd be a shame if I just farmed and spent 58,000 souls for nothing.

Thanks in advance!

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