Alienated by both Kingseeker Frampt and Darkstalker Kaathe

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I've encountered something that may be a bug or just the intended consequence of several poor decisions and mistakes.

After receiving the lordvessel, I went straight to the firelink shrine with Frampt but I had accidently fell off the ledge and died. I then headed back to the shrine and placed the lordvessel at the altar. I returned to the firelink bonfire and spoke to Kingseeker Frampt where he told me he was disappointed in my decision. I assumed at this point I was locked into aiding Darkstalker Kaathe after Frampt had alienated me. Unfortunatly, after defeating the four kings, Kaathe did not show up. Now I'm in a position where neither primordial serpents are on my side. How am I intended to end the game? Is this a bug or am I just on an intended independent path where I will make my own decision at the game's end?



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You can jump down into the hole where Frampt was and you don't really lose anything except the ability to sell items.

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You still have the choice between the two endings. You just won't get to sell items or join the Darkwraiths.

Not that it matters. They all bow in the end.

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