Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring. Good for Spellswords?

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So I ran through the wiki today, and something caught my eye.

One of the wiki footnotes for 'Magic Weapon' had claimed that the Bellowing Dragoncrest ring grants no additional effects to this spell.

Then I typed in 'Crystal Magic Weapon', and there was no footnote mentioning if the Bellowing Dragoncrest ring still had no effect. I'm somewhat confused here.

I managed to create a half-decent build setup for SL50 pvp as a spellsword, and the 3 spells in my arsenal are 'Crystal Magic Weapon', 'Homing Crystal Soulmass', and 'Chameleon' (in case I'm invaded while bossing)

Now... In the case that the Bellowing Dragoncrest ring DOESN'T have any effects for the Crystal Magic Weapon spell, I can always have it for the Soulmass, but that just seems like a waste of a ring slot to me. Can anyone confirm if this ring has any effects on the 'Crystal Magic Weapon' in general? I would appreciate it, thank you.

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Does no one have an answer for me? I'm ashamed to seem desperate, but I was really looking forward to creating this build, and I didn't want to make any mistakes. :L

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Bellowing is really meant for your typical blue energy blasts, not buffs. You really want lingering dragoncrest ring for this build. Crystal magic weapon already gives you high damage stats. It's better to make sure you're recharging less frequently.

It's a fairly common playstyle (one that I enjoy a lot), but combining Magic Weapon spells with the lingering ring works amazingly well when used simultaneously with Power Within pyromancy. The combination turns you into a high-DPS juggernaut. Especially since the ring helps spread out the power within damage over a longer period of time.

Ain't nothing wrong with longer lasting high damage output. This build can absolutely tear into the 4 kings and rip 'em a new one.

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Ahhh, so the ring I want is the LINGERING dragoncrest ring? Well, thanks for the advice, and thanks for clearing up a few things with me. I was really worried that I'd make a mistake :L

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