Best Armor Set for Sorcerer?

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#1 Posted by TranceQuina (192 posts) -

I've had the gold-hemmed black clothes for a while now, and looking at the information I can find, it seems like this is THE best armor for my sorcerer. Am I missing something?

The channeler set does have better defense, but it's super heavy and I don't see how it otherwise benefits a magic user. Logan's set just isn't as good (as far as I can tell) either...

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#2 Posted by Marz (6016 posts) -

Gold-hemmed is the best armor for anyone wanting a light set of armor to move around in.

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#3 Posted by NekuCTR (1712 posts) -

Eastern armor is your best bet if you want to upgrade physical defense. Fairly light (upgradable?) but either you're going to need to pump some endurance or roll around with havels ring.

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#4 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

Gold Hemmed is the best light armor in the game, the only way to get better armor would be to get Havel's Ring and move up a tier.

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#5 Posted by Doctorchimp (4186 posts) -

Ornstein set has been amazing ever since I got it.

The cuirass is lighter than the eastern armor and has 70 defense compared to Eastern's like 40 something and it has great lightning resistance.

The gauntlets and boots are lighter than the knight's too.

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#6 Posted by envane (1225 posts) -

gold hemmed is not the best light armor in the game, its just easy to obtain and looks cool the sealers crimson set has much more restsances on it and is a little bit lower defense , xanthous's armor set looks ridiculous but is better defense (by a fraction , also be careful with heavier armor sets like ornsteins armor and the eastern armor set as it actually decreases your stamina regen. havels armor decreases it even more but thats kind of to be expected.

Elite knights armor is probably the heaviest armor that doesnt decrease staminia regen , and its easier to updgrade at least before the end of your first playthrough.

THE BEST ARMOR FOR A SORCERER IS THE ANTIQUATED SET , well just the crown of dusk and the antiquated dress , the gloves and skirt are decent statwise but the main benefit is the Crown of dusk increaes magic attack by 20% but reduces magic defense by 30% (not a problem if you can compensate with a good magic resist shield (crest shield:D) and the Dress increases maic attack by a further 30% , this means with the bellowing dragoncresrt ring for another 20% , you can get a 50% bonus to your sorceries .. yes they all stack together . the armor is found after you free dusk of oolacile , the armor will be waiting where you first fought the gold crystal golem that she was trapped in after you have summoned her at her sign , dont think you need to buy anything from her however.

the main problem is you have to wear a dress , but the helm doesnt look as weird as the dark sun crown ( which boosts all sorceries/pyromancy/miracles by 10% )

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#7 Posted by bkbroiler (1731 posts) -

I don't roll around with full sets. I have a lot of the Eastern Armor on, but the Crimson leg armor is so far by far the best I've found on the legs. So mix and match? Makes you look crazy too!

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#8 Posted by envane (1225 posts) -

yeah i love that crimson leg armor , better defense minus the poise than most heavy armor , plus good curse resist , though havels armor has some pretty evil resitance on it , not to mention the shield .. if it wasnt for that id say that armor is unbalanced and only light armor is required. but yeah .. poise on armor , and stability on shields , are the best reasons to sacrifice your movement/other resistances .. at least for certain encounters

the full crimson sealers set looks pretty awesome too , closest thing to the dark silver armor set in demons's souls .. which had a pretty similar purpose , (lower defense than other midrange armor , but highest magic resistance , and lightweight for lower endurance requirements )

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#9 Posted by Tenryu (47 posts) -

@envane: Just wanted to verify, but I don't believe the body, gloves, or leg piece from the antiquated set increase magic attack o.o? I just ran a few tests and only the crown of dusk and bellowing dragon crest ring up magic attack for me. That's of course the 20% from the helm and like 30ish% from the ring. Still ridiculous, but you got my hopes up with a larger magic boost T.T Unless it's a stealth boost because I'm not getting any visual indications on it. The crown and ring also work with pyromancy which is a beautiful thing ;3!

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#10 Posted by envane (1225 posts) -

@Tenryu: Official strategy guide says so , thats where i was getting my info for the antiquated dress .. just the body , but they could be wrong , there are a few other innacuracies in it :/ i will have to test it out some more , i swear i noticed a difference sesting just the body piece of the antiquated set ,but i admit i wasnt planning to wear a dress for very long .

the bellowing dragoncrest ring is only a 20% boost , according to the guide , so if you were seeing 50% increases then it would have had to have been from the body piece ..

but ohwell , still no hyper mode for casters eheh

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