Dark Souls 3D Map Viewer

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I'm surprised it took this long but I recently stumbled upon this 3D Map Viewer for Dark Souls (which you can fetch over here.) It all honesty it's not very useful (since it's version 0.2) but it's still very interesting considering the geography and extraordinary use of 3D space and verticality in games in recent memory. I should point out that you don't need a copy of the game since it provides the world model itself (it's not 1:1 scale but it's still very accurate.)

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Thread on reddit should provide some interest as well as the some extra screenshots some user has provided; 1,2.

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While this looks pretty cool I try not to look at it in detail since I still want to play it when it comes out on the PC. Shitty port or not, I'l still play it.

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I've been staring at this thing for the last 20 mins. It's great to get a sense of where things are in this game.

Also, these areas are much closer together than I realised.

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@RhombusOfTerror: Not that it makes any more sense from a logical point of view but the fact that it feels seamless and organic is part of the beauty of the level design. Even with this program it still baffles me how it all fits together.

@Sjupp: Good man yourself. Well the PC port sounds like it could do better it's a little irritating with people getting up in arms about it (except for GFWL, that's terrible.) But still, let's just hope that From Software are listening to the community and are making the necessary adjustments. If they pull this off well they'll have the backing of the PC crowd plus it might mean good things for any future Soul titles. Only time will tell though.

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Could someone that downloaded it reupload it somewhere? The original download is dead....

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