Dark Souls PC, 360 Controller Problem

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I have just started playing Dark Souls on PC and decided to use my 360 controller, everything works for the most part but I can't seem to dash (sprint). I hold down B while walking and nothing happens. Tho I can tab B and have my Character roll/dodge. Was wondering if this is a known problem or that i need a new controller. Thanks!

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I've never heard of or had this problem, sorry.

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Yep, never heard of this. Might be your controller.

As always, try another USB port, and see if you can't try another controller.

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Maybe you just picked a class that comes with heavy armor, they appear incredibly sluggish. In that case just take off some pieces, until you reach half of your max capacity.

You said "just started", so don't get offended. ;D

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I also have experienced a weird problem!

The game was controlling perfectly last but today the face buttons seem to have been changed around? I've tried fresh installs of the game and everything.

The buttons are correctly configured in the GFLW menu but not the game?!

Edit: Stopping the WMI service is what messed up my controls :P

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