DLC worth the $15?

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So is the DLC worth the $15? Am I really missing all that much? I just started a new character and was wondering. Also if I do can I access it mid game or would I have to have the DLC before I start a character to get at it?

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It is some of the best content in the game from both combat and lore perspectives.

There is a sequence of events which lead up to the dlc, I do not know whether you can satisfy the conditions from a mid-game save. I would think that you can provided that a relevant character is still alive in your game - gamefaqs seems to confirm that.

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Sure. I'd say it's worth that much. Some great stuff.

Not sure whether you can start halfway in though. I'd say just go for it and don't risk it. Unless you're okay with maybe playing it during your second playthrough instead.

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If you like Dark Souls, the DLC is more Dark Souls!
You can access the DLC following some steps starting from about the middle of the game, so you should be OK with your current character.

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I'd say it's definitely worth it. You'll want to look up how to actually access the content because you have to do some pretty specific things in order to access the new areas.

I thought the regular enemies were kinda disappointing but the boss fights are brilliant. I found the new gear to be quite disappointing as well, none of the weapons or armor I found replaced any of what I used in the main game.

There's also a new PvP mode in which you can play Duels(1 vs 1),Team(2 vs 2) and Deathmatch(4 man free for all).

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I'd say so. Boss fights are amazing in the dlc and it has the best place for farming humanity now. I like the armor and new weapons you get and there's a really active pvp scene in the township if your into that. You have to wait until mid game before you can access it. From soft said the recommended sl was about 55, so basically after your done with anor londo and have the lord vessel and you can access it on any character as long as you have the dlc installed.

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I'd say go for it. If you havent played the DLC, then you'll be surprised that it adds 3 of the best bosses in the game, and a few mini bosses as well. Its also one of the few places where all enemies will chain pull, a pleasant surprise.

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@demoskinos: It's 7 bucks on PS3; and it's the best "world" (to use a Demon's Souls term) of the whole series. Of the top 7 bosses in the series 4 of them reside in the DLC and it shows that From can make even better content in the future, so here's to hoping the entirety of Dark Souls II is nothing but Gwyns/Flamelurkers/Manuses/Kalameets/and maybe one or two good puzzle bosses.

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I have a question. If you enter the DLC world, are you locked in, or can you leave at any point?

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I thought so.

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