Do i need poise as a quick pyromancer?

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Hello all. I am currently an SL102 (not 120) and have been working on my dex pyromancer. He is a quick one with powerful casts. However, I have 0 poise (or close to it). Can someone help complete my build and give me opinions? I could just gun attunement or vitality. It seems pumping endurance at this point wouldn't do much if I wanted to keep my fast roll! Help anyone? Link below!

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The Wolf Ring throws out a free 40 points worth of poise that goes a long way towards keeping your squishy spell-casters from flinching so much. I recommend trying to get around 50-55 to be a bit safer, but it's really just a matter of exactly how stable you want to be, and mixing in a few heavier armor pieces with your normal set can help with that, and usually won't make you weigh all that much heavier. You also shouldn't need more than 4 attunement slots in most situations (and even then, probably not that many), so pouring too many points into that would seem like a bit of a waste.

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@ASleeplessWolf: If you're gonna be a quick character I'm assuming that you probably want to dodge a lot instead of taking hits, having said that, 0 poise is rather dangerous to have. Might be a good idea to wear the Wolf Ring or try wearing some heavier armour. For the best critique I recommend you ask the folks over at the Dark Souls Subreddit since it's still very active over there so they can help you more then I can.

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Not necessarily, but it wont hurt. Especially PVP wise.

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Not necessarily, but it wont hurt. Especially PVP wise.
This. But from my experience I mixed it more with speed and dodging rather than poise really up to you though
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Thanks for the advice guys. :] I was looking into it and figured out a way to hit 53 poise. If I take off my bellowing ring and use the wolf ring (like you suggested) and I put a few points into endurance, I can wear catarina gauntlets and hit 53 poise. Apparently 53 is a great breaking point to have and protects me against a lot of stuff. Plus, I think those gauntlets look great on my "maiden." :P

And btw, i just like having options on which pyromancy I'm going to use. Does anyone have any opinions for PvP about chaos pyromancies versus non-chaos ones?

Or does anyone have more comments for me otherwise? :]

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