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So... I fucking hate falling off the map. Now, I do it very infrequently, but god damn do I find hte best times to do it.

I just finished killing a boss, went to the top of a tower to find some loot... when I was leaving I fell in a tiny crack between the stairs and the floor, literally just hte size of a person and died. No big deal Ill just work my way to the body again and get my souls back.

I fucking fell off again and lost 30,000 souls + 26 humanity.

Fuck this game hahaa.

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#2 Posted by TheHT (14631 posts) -

Haha shit man, that sucks. I find, for me at least, the relationship between being apussy and amount of souls I have is proportionally inverse.

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It's the worst. I'm so terrible at returning to my spots of death. If I'm not trying to run back like an idiot out of frustration, the most random deaths will occur. It's funny because it's almost always my fault..yet I KEEP DOING IT.

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I was in my status menu and hit B a few times to back out of it and unfortunately it registered the last press after the menu had closed, so I ended up backstepping off a bridge.  I wasn't even mad, it was just funny.

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#5 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3629 posts) -

Them fucking jump attacks.

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So far, I've never died from falling off of the map unintentionally. It happened all of the time in Demon's Souls, but not with this game. Maybe it's because I'm more careful, or maybe it's because there are less of those kinds of traps. One time I was really afraid I had fallen to my death was in a staircase in the Depths. I fell through a small crack and I totally thought I was going to die, but I just fell in water so that was awesome.

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Holy crap, 26 humanity? How'd you manage to get that much?

With the positive reception of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls seems to go out of it's way to add precarious ass ledges everywhere it can. Not just for hidden treasure either. A main path has you walking across a foot-wide beam high above the hall of a church. I don't remember Demon's Souls having so many precarious sections like that.

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I end up going back and forth between areas a lot looking for more places to go, because as someone said earlier the more souls/humanity I have the bigger the bitch I am... anyways theres a part under the dragon bridge wheres theres three rats, and they drop humanity. I ended up picking up like 10 from them over the course of my constant travels (like when i got something to upgrade weapons and was heading to the blacksmith etc) and then the more humanity I got the more they dropped.

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