Glitch?!? Anyone else do this on accident?

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So i was on my merry way back to firelink shrine from the swamp. i was almost to the bonfire in blighttown when i got sidetracked and died. when i died i decided that enough was enough and it was time to go get ready for work so i just quit the game and left me thinking that my souls were gone for good but o well. To my great surprise when i turned on my game again i found that i was alive, in the same spot, with everything dead still BUT my souls were on the ground also. I picked them up and i doubled my souls and humanity.. never happened before in Demon's and never happened before in dark for me so far. Anyone else have this happen before?

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That's really bizarre. Probably has something to do with how the game calculates you dying. You might have quit during the death save, and caused both states to exist, and the game plops you down like when you "quit" and you died at the same time? I dunno, this game has fucking weird glitches.

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Game rewarded you for being so responsible.

"I need to go to work! Like a responsible adult! Video games are fun but I have responsibilities!"

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