Hellkite madness...

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Okay so I'm pretty far into the game, I'm SL 104 venturing off into the Crystal Caves. So I'm not really new anymore and I have a pretty solid grasp on how the game works. But I still have no idea how to take out the Hellkite Drake, I know it's not necessary to beating the game but I really want to for some reason. I've seen videos of people claiming to know how to do it but from what I've seen it seems to only be people who've cheated to get a ridiculous amount of souls, humanity and weapons. Even then they have crazy amounts of trouble with it and take an absurd amount of time. Is there some trick I'm not getting or is it really that difficult? Also what's the point of the bonfire he's guarding is there anything else worthy of note in that area because as far as I can tell there's not really even anything their that justifies the ridiculous challenge of trying to get to it.

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I've always had more difficulty with the Hellkite dragon than anything else in the game. The thing that justifies that challenge, I would think, would be that you need to get back there to join the Warriors of Sunlight (unless there's a back way to get to that bonfire I don't know about). Or, maybe it's just the satisfaction of beating the terrible monster.

There are some... alternative strategies you can use to beat the Hellkite dragon, if you really must and just can't find a way to do it. Like, cheating strategies.

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@MrXakaRebel: There is a covenant that allows access to one of the best weapon buffs over there. Since it is a covenant bonfire you can warp there. I had access to it early on in my first play through since a gift phantom opened the gate for me. That made progressing through Undead Parish easier since I had a closer bonfire.

I've always had trouble with the Hellkite Wyvern myself. Using flash sweat, some of the gold hem equipment and the fire resistant ring basically gives me a chance to kill it as long as I am lucky enough to get the time to reapply the flash sweat. Dragons are weak to lightning so that could be a factor as well. I normally try to hang out in the middle of the bridge where it is wider and let him attack until he walks into the middle and I get a few 2 hand hits in. I basically brute force the fight. Most of my time is spent on the ground or healing. As long as I'm alive long enough he eventually gets within range to attack enough times to kill him.

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Yea I mean my only reason for wanting to beat him is just my own satisfaction and pride I was just wondering if there was something I didn't know about there. And yea I never really looked into the Warriors of Sunlight covenant so that IS news to me, I've been just randomly experimenting with covenants for this first playthrough so maybe I'll have to try that one once I finally get around to defeating that foul beast. Once I get around to NG+ I'll pick a covenant in the beginning and stick with it.

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WEll best startegy , well the one I used to defeat him the 1 time :/ is to snipe him till about half his life (do not go lower or he will retreat and refill hiis life which I thinks is bull) and once go to the middle hit him 1 more time so he flies to the middle ... as he lands goup and use the wrath of gods miracle and hope you have high faith so you can kill him with the 3 blasts ...... only worked once pre patch thoug :/ so I dunno if it will work again

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@mosespippy: Awesome, thanks for the advice, I'll def keep all of that in mind for my next attempt at taking him on, I've been mainly focusing on dexterity and tend to dodge a lot so I may have to adjust those tactics for my own build, but I'm sure it'll make things a bit more doable. Also my real name is Moses so, RESPECT, lol.

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I used a Dragonslayer Greatbow thing. You know, one of the things that those two a-hole archers use to shoot the spears at you in Anor Londo. Just shot a few at him while on the lower part of the bridge. No problem.

Only 10000 souls though (more on NG+, I've been told), and I felt sad for killing him for so few souls. At that point he was kinda like an old buddy to me.

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@Aetheldod: Yea I had heard about that strategy but I heard that patched it so he heals now? From what I heard that kinda rendered the slow methodical approaches to defeating it obsolete, same with your strat @MooseyMcMan: unless I'm not understanding it correctly, I do have that bow but if he heals it seems like that might not work either, did you do that after this most recent patch?

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@MooseyMcMan: Also did you need the hawk ring for that? I really don't want to have to kill the Giant Blacksmith...

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@MrXakaRebel said:

@MooseyMcMan: Also did you need the hawk ring for that? I really don't want to have to kill the Giant Blacksmith...

You don't need to kill him for the hawk ring. Just go around him. The box in the way is breakable via rolling.

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@MrXakaRebel: I did this yesterday, and the game is all patched up. He doesn't heal fast enough to deal with the Dragonslayer bow. I did not use any hawk ring, and this is actually the first I've heard of such a ring. I believe they just patched the game to prevent you from killing him with small bows. I mean, it'd be a real jerk move even for From Software to give you something that has Dragonslayer in the name and not have it even be able to kill a lowly wyvern.

I don't remember how many "arrows" for it that I used, but I'd say bring at least 20. I think the Anor Londo smith is the only dude who sells them.

EDIT: Also, when you do it this way, after every shot or two he hops down onto the bridge and turns around, so be careful with your shots. Wait until he gets back on his perch.

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@Turambar: Oh really? I was so afraid of pissing him off I just saw where it was and kinda just wrote it off, good to know. @MooseyMcMan: Also good to know, yea I guess that strategy seems like the best bet then, I hadn't really been able to hit him with The Dragonslayer from there before I always either missed or got blasted, but admittedly I only tried it a couple times before just abandoning it but with the hawk ring I would be able to hit him from farther away. Thanks guys, def appreciate the advice.

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I'm probably wrong about this, but I don't think he's actually meant to be killed (think the same about the dragons in Demon's). They are just killable because it would sorta go against the core of the game to make them unkillable.

Anyways, for killing the hellkite dragon the most important thing to know is that the only real open opportunity for damage is the time it takes him to land on the bridge and do an attack. If you can put enough damage on him during that period (I would suggest either heavy magic or some massive damage weapon) you can kill him. You can shoot him with an arrow from the stairs and as soon as you see him coming down you need to get in there and kick his ass. He won't hurt you before he's landed on the bridge and even then he takes a little while before he does anything.

(also, you can reach the area behind without killing him, just run past him instead of attacking once you trigger him to come down.)

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i generaly just use the dragonslayer bow. but i have killed him with swords then i stood on the side and waited for it to jump down to the bridge and to my luck it jumped down and startd breathing fire straight forewards and that made it so i could get behind it and wail on him but that is luck based and not a valid strategy

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@Ares42: That creature has offended me and he SHALL die! He's gotta go for no reason other than that. Also now that I know that it must be done to access the Warriors of Sunlight covenant I have all the motivation/reason I need.

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@MrXakaRebel said:

@Ares42: That creature has offended me and he SHALL die! He's gotta go for no reason other than that. Also now that I know that it must be done to access the Warriors of Sunlight covenant I have all the motivation/reason I need.

If you hang out on the sides of the bridge where he can't reach you with fire, he will drop down. You just need to chill there for a while.

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For anyone still having difficulty with the Hellkite, there is a pretty easy method to beating him. You don't really need flame resistant armor, I'd prefer something with high physical defense like the Stone Set, upgraded Epic Knight Armor, Ornstein's Armor, Black Iron Armor, etc. If you can get between 25-50% equip load you're fine. Use a high damage lightning weapon if you have one. If you don't, grab the lightning spear from Sen's Fortress or use some Gold Pine Resin on your best unenchanted weapon for this fight. I used a +3 Lightning Zweihander and killed him in one combo.

You can ascend weapons to lightning at the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo and requires titanite chunks. To ascend a weapon to lightning you must first upgrade it to +10 which you can do with large titanite shards through Andrei the Blacksmith in the Undead Parish.

1. Start out under the bridge (just past the first bonfire in the Undead Burg). Run up the stairs to the top of the bridge to trigger the fire blast and run back down. This clears the bridge of all enemies.

2. Run back up the bridge and past the stairs. Stay behind the little wall in the alcove, do not go onto the main bridge. The wall will block the flame breath and you will not take any damage. Now just stand here and wait for him to fly down from his perch.

3. If he lands behind you, run back down the stairs and listen for him to return to his perch. Repeat step 2.

4. If he lands in front of you, run up quickly to his legs and hit him as much as you can. Then throw your shield up and when he either flies away or has a long pause, run back down the stairs.

You just have to repeat these and be very careful. He can do a jumping flame breath thing over your head that usually kills you instantly and can bite at you. To be on the safe side, I would just run away after successfully getting in a decent number of hits if your weapon isn't strong enough to kill him in 6-8 attacks.

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Hide under stairs, pop up till dragon flys down, hit him in the head, run back to stairs. Repeat about 15 times.

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Dont bother killing him. You can get past him without killing him, and hes only worth 10k souls if you do. He doesn't have a unique soul like the dragons in Demon's Souls

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So yeah, definitely appreciate everybody who provided some advice for me, but after a few passive attempts on the Hellkite while on my way to and from other areas I've decided to fall into the camp of let him live. I'm now in Lost Izalith and killing that damn Drake is definitely more trouble than it's worth at this point.

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