HELP!! im lost!

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#1 Posted by timvorixos (16 posts) -

I killed gargoyle bosses and i ring the bell.

now what? :/

i get to crows nest and it took me back to asylum but there is a boss one hit kills me and i do soooooooo little damage. its imposible to kill it atm (i got drake sword).

where do i have to go now? help plz.....

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#2 Posted by DonChipotle (3423 posts) -

Go to the locked door on the bridge with the dragon.

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#3 Posted by mason (280 posts) -

Going back to the Asylum is a side thing, don't focus on it.

Remember how the guy at Firelink Shrine said you had to ring the 2 bells. One up, and one down? Well you've already done the one that's up. Now it's time to find a path that goes down.

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#4 Posted by bcjohnnie (459 posts) -

I'm in that situation too, I stopped last night after killing the Gargoyles. Basically, I'm going to farm a bit to upgrade weapons and stuff, then run past that big dude near the Blacksmith into the forest... my impression is that the forest is the next "logical" progression. I would love to see someone come out with a recommended progression through the various zones.

Keep in mind that there are hella places you could go, though. The catacombs are open (if you like getting killed by skellingtons), or New Londo down the elevator from the shrine (but those ghosts seem ridiculous), or if you have the master key you can go to valley of drakes from New Londo (if you prefer to be char-broiled).

I'm making sure I feel comfortable in the first area for now, finally cleared out all the knights, considering trying again on that bullshit boss in the lower city with the 2 dogs.

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#5 Posted by Shadowcoust (41 posts) -

The game generally leads you up to Blighttown, but after that its pretty much your own call to do what you want (though there will still be zones that are tougher than others)

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#6 Posted by Chop (2013 posts) -

I'd recommend heading to the Depths next. Make sure you picked up the basement key from behind the locked gate near the boar enemy. Then head back to the bridge with the dragon and unlock the door under the archway by the sun loving npc.

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#7 Posted by Virago (2566 posts) -

Oh man, knowing nothing about this game and reading this thread.... it sounds amazing.

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ok guys thx

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If you go back to the bottom floor of the church, there are some elevators that take you back to the starting area. You can also use them to quickly get back up to the church in the future.

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I thought you had to head to Anor Londo, but it seems like I was wrong. guess I'll head down the ladder behind that door at the dragon bridge like everyone else is suggesting.

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@Goboard said:

I thought you had to head to Anor Londo, but it seems like I was wrong. guess I'll head down the ladder behind that door at the dragon bridge like everyone else is suggesting.

I just did that myself. I fire went through a little of the forest and valley of drake's to get some items. I tried the catacombs but there are enemies I can't reach and the skeletons keep getting resurrected as soon as I kill them so I decided that's not the place to go. In the lower Undeadburg there is a shortcut back to the Undeadburg bonfire, so it is a great place to farm some souls at this point. Just be careful of the ninjas!

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