How to get 99+ Humanity in 1-2 hours

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This tip requires the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring ( and the ability to pass the yellow barriers by placing the lordvessel.

Travel down through the Catacombs & Tomb of the Giants until you reach the entrance to Gravelord Nito. Use a bow to clear the fireball shooting lichs from the area and equip your ring. Now walk in slow circles in the watery area to force the baby skeletons to appear. Try to keep them all in a small group by circling around them then kill them all in one wide swing attack. Grab any Humanity items that appear as quickly as you can as they will disappear after 1-2 seconds.

Once you start obtaining some I suggest you actually consume about 10 humanity in order to further boost your Item Discovery trait to its maximum potential. With this I have actually picked up 2 to 4 humanity from one sword swing + about 1038 souls while playing on NG, not NG+

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Wow I had actually never heard of this before and it's a great alternative to those who aren't part of the Darkwraith Covenant. It's just such a pain to go all the way down to that area, and it's SUCH a tease because there is a warp fire right down the unclimbable hole!

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I saw the question asked in another thread and figured I would mention it.

Also for those that have not yet acquired the Lordvessel, the best spot I have found personally is in The Depths at the first Bonfire. If you hang a right at the torch guy instead of walking down that amoeba hallway, you can kill the rats which have a semi-decent drop rate on Humanity. Nowhere near as effective as Gravelord Nito's entrance though the amoebs there will drop Large Titanite and Green Titanite chunks so its worth a little hunting.

One thing I also found handy is just equip the humanity to your hot keys so you can consume them for health if needed. I walked out of there today with 99 humanity, and consumed about 36 humanity healing myself because I got poisoned twice. (Oh and 300,000 souls)

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I'd still just use the Dragon Head Stone glitch offline.

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@Shady: I tried that out.. but it seemed like a massive amount of work to get all the way to the bottom of the Great Hollow in order to get so high level that I cant find anyone to party or pvp with anyway..

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I did forget that you do have to outrun the Hydra if you don't feel you can kill it yet at the Ash Lake. Luckily, there is a bonfire nearby and another near the Stone Dragon on the other side. It is worth it for those really grinding rewards for the Darkwraith Covenant and Chaos Covenant or whenever you need some massive humanity. As for power leveling, I only did it after I beat the game since on a normal playthrough it would really trivialize the game.

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Meh, I think I'll stick to the rats by the parish.

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Take some purple blooming toxin repellent with you when you go down there to farm the babies. Also, not all of the babies' humanities fade away, some stay. I'm not sure what the determining factor is for that. You can also farm masks of the child, mother, and father there from the pinwheel clones. I had several that I gave out to low level players at the undead berg gargoyle area.

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I tend to use the golden serpent ring and go to The Duke's Archives, head to the jail section and kill the Picasa. I got 2-3 humanity every 5 minutes. They're easy to kill, have slow attacks, and there is no danger of being attacked between the bonfire and the picasa (provided you closed all the cell doors after getting any loot). The two serpent guards will always run away from you (I think they're scared shitless by the Picasa??).

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Also, in the Painted World of Aramais I was doing speed runs for Souls / Humanity which netted a decent amount. Once you open the shortcut run through kill the slimy things (starting at the first bonfire) for about 7K souls then run though the level killing the white rats and then use the miracle to return to the fire and repeat. The Depths was better for humanity but you barely get any souls; this route you get some of each.

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I found this out by accident when playing the game at launch, it's by far the easiest way to get humanity, I would recommend using the Ring of the Evil Eye aswell as it allows you to be a bit more efficient with self healing. I had the ring that breaks when you remove it on when I was doing this, so i used the item discovery ring until i was low on hp, then use the evil eye ring to heal up while still farming.

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