Invaded at level 15 by a dude who had Obsidian Greatsword

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He just kept spamming R2 *sigh* guess I should be used to this bs having played this through to NG II on Xbox 360. The weapon drops off the dragon Kalemeet you have to chop off his tail in order to get it.

bleh sorry couldn't get link to work

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well the sword has lower requirements than most of the other dragon weapons excluding the drake sword so i guess its legit doable .. still lol i doubt it

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It says PREPARE TO DIE right there on the box. Shoulda prepared, son.

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What's your point?

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On the Xbox 360 version, I've only been invaded once, and I'm human almost all the time. That and we just emoted at each other before he 1 shot me.

I hear invasions are common on the PC right now, as well as hacking.

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It would be more funny if he was wearing this mask.

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If he legit managed to get the sword at SL15, kudos to that crazy motherfucker.

Odds are though it's just an asshole with a hex editor putting their stats up to 99 but keeping their soul level at 1.

Like that jackass GFWLSouls on the Indictment leaderboard.

SL1, 99 in all stats. He actually invaded me in the Parish. I took half his HP off before he command killed me.

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@gtar said:

It only requires 15 Str and 16 Dex to 2-hand. Most classes can get that before lvl 15.

A warrior can have that at like level 6 so yeah it is definitely doable. People seriously don't factor player skill in the threads I see right now. I think it is because alot of PC newbs forgot veterans of the console games would by buying it too. If you are good at the game, and I mean REALLY good, you can beat the whole thing and never see level 10. You just have to never get hit.

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