Just won an invasion, is this normal?

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So I'm pretty much completely new to the whole invading thing, I have just gotten to Anor Londo for the first time and thought I'd give it a try. I used one of the cracked red thingys after going down the elevator near the bonfire at the start of Anor Londo and I got connected to someone. Thing was once I was connected I started looking for the guy, but I couldn't find him. I got into the big building where you walk across the beams and as I began to cross suddenly a message came up and said the host had died. My guess is that he somehow fell to his death or whatever, I don't know I never actually found him.

So I loaded back up in my world to find that I now had 800k souls in my possession! For reference i was soul level 45 at the time, so that is a massive amount for me. My question is, is this normal? Was this guy just super high level and somehow i got matched with him? And the big one, if I use all those souls, will it break the game for me and make everything to easy?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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@sephanor: That is not normal, at least as far as the amount. I think it's supposed to be about 10% of their next level, and if you got 800k souls, that means you invaded a diehard who just happened to die. It's possible for this to happen, but you seem to have lucked out.

As far as whether to use them, well, that's up to you. With that many souls, you could definitely break the difficulty of your first playthrough. I'd use like 100k and then die to get rid of them, but hey, it's up to you. I'm sure many people would kill for that many souls.

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Something doesn't sound right. Doesn't seem to be your fault. That might make the game boring for you, though.

Too bad it wasn't 800k dollars .

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There are plenty of people with an absurd amount of souls these days, so that's not actually that weird, apart from the fact that you got extremely lucky with them dying without a fight.

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When you invade with a Cracked Red Eye Orb, you are matched with someone whose level is between 10% less than yours and maximum possible level (713). In other words, there is no upper limit to the level of players you can invade. By design, this is meant to be an inherent risk that an invader takes.

You must have invaded someone who was something like level 400 to have received so many souls from their death. I'd recommend not using that huge bounty of souls on level ups, as you would significantly break the difficulty curve of the game on a first playthrough. I think it would be less damaging to use those souls to purchase or upgrade items, so if you feel you'd hate to throw them all away, then that's one way to spend some of them usefully without breaking the game too much.

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Ya playing at this point you probably invaded someone at a crazy high level and got lucky (lucky they did not find you and died- it's even possible they died on purpose to get rid of you because they couldn't find you either and the game bars them from progressing until one of you dies). It's not "bad" but its up to you if you want to use that many souls where your at in the game.

You'll be way over leveled for the rest of the game if you use that many so soon. It's really up to you if you care or not about that. Level isn't the only thing that matters, though, but if you had enough materials already to upgrade a weapon (I honestly don't think you would) then you could potentially have all the levels and upgrades you needed if you really wanted.

So, ya. It's up to you really.

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spend it all on arrows

or some other item you'll be able to feed back to frampt for souls. Use it like a bank.

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The biggest issue with over leveling is if you have any desire to co-op. And no, over leveling won't make you super powerful, you can still die quickly. It might make the game more frustrating when you realize enemies can still slice you like cake.

I think helping people fight bosses is one of the best parts of this game, level too much, and you aren't really helping people that need help.

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