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So I got two units of "Large Titanite Shard", which describe themselves as "Reinforces standard weapons to +10, and raw weapons to +5".

Thing is, I can't figure out how to use them.

Neither the blacksmith nor my weapon smithbox seem to let me use them.

Google, as of this posting, does not return any results for "Large Titanite Shard" in quotes.

Any hints?

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Once you upgrade a weapon to +5, you'll choose to either turn it into a raw weapon or continue leveling it as is. Raw level 1-5 and normal levels 5-10 will require the use of Large Tatanite Shards to upgrade.

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Hmm, I have upgraded my main weapon to +5. Not sure what I'm missing.

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@Stahlbrand: When upgrading from level 5, the weapon won't be in the reinforcement menu. It'll be in the modify menu. Not sure if that's your problem or not but I was totally missing that the first time.

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@Chop: Ooh, that make sense.

Though I go to click on it and get the "Special ember required to blacksmiths to ascend weapons" message. So maybe my winged spear needs a different item than Large Titanite Shards, or this smith under the bell tower just isn't the right guy for the job.


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I believe you need to give him the "Large Ember" to get weapons from +5 to +10, and then the "Very Large Ember" to go to +15.

Large Ember Location:

It is found very close to the entrance of The Depths. When you kill the butcher chopping the meat on the table, it is located in the chest next to the table.
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Yah, it confused me too. The spoiler he left doesn't really reveal too much, just the location of the ember

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@Stahlbrand: did you give the large ember to the smith?
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@kingzetta: I didn't have the Large Ember at the time, and I've been working too much to get back to DS the last few days. But I've got some off time coming up as of Sunday for Canadian Thanksgiving, and I'll get that Large Ember then.

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