Lemme get this straight:

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I just looked up cracked red eye orbs... so if I have talked to Frampt after obtaining the lordvessel which I recently did, I can not join the darkwraiths and I can not obtain anymore cracked red eye orbs or the normal orb ever??

So I can never invade players other than the 10 times from orbs found lying around in game?

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I think so, yes. But I also thought after the first patch, they didn't get consumed when you used them (and this backs my memory up on it).

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You also have the option of joining covenants like Blades of the Darkmoon, Forest Hunter, Path of the Dragon, and Gravelord Servant, which all involve invading people. So while it does suck you can't get into the Darkwraith's, you got plenty of other places to try at least.

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@Bassario: From what I understand, so long as you haven't put the lordvessel on the alter in Firelink Altar, you should be fine. Even if Frampt took you down to the altar, if you homeward bone before touching the altar, it should be good. Again, I don't know how accurate this is, but from what i read and research, you're only screwed if you place the lordvessel on Firelink Altar before getting the Abyss and beating the 4 kings.

Also, the red eye orb item can only be used while being a darkwraith. If you leave the covenant, you cannot use that item anymore. Edit: Also, from reading that page, you need to get to rank 1 with darkwraiths to even get the red eye orb.

http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/Darkwraith for more info.

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Also it doesn't matter because you can just New Game+ it and join the Darkwraiths in that playthrough.

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Get the red sign soapstone in the Painted World and you can set up pvp duels with other players at any time.

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Ok, well whatever I am working on another playthrough at the moment that I will probably like more so I might switch and finish the Faith build playthrough later.

Not placing the lordvessel where Frampt wants it, and giving it to the Darkwraith instead... how does this affect me story wise? I mean... lol I dont want spoilers at all, so this is a silly question but basically does it offer me some kind of "bad guy ending" option or something?

Also to join forest hunters, I recently killed the Wolfie with a greatsword (what a great boss idea ^_^) Is it just a matter of finding the cat somewhere in the forest and talking to her now?

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There are two possible endings, but you can get either of them no matter what you did with the Lordvessel. Essentially what going the Darkwraith path will do is get you a very different point of view on the backstory and lore of the world, and actually explains quite a bit that you couldn't have found elsewhere.

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@Bassario: There are 2 endings, both can be attained regardless of what you do before (it's a decision you make after killing the final boss). If you meet Kaathe, he does fill you in on what who your character is and what your true purpose actually is.

As for the Forest Hunters, Sif is not really tied to that covenant (maybe lore-wise, I don't know, but as for joining them he is inconsequential), you just need to find Avina, the cat in the stone building not too far from the fog gate for Sif (I believe it's Southwest of the fog gate, but I'm no too sure). Hope that helps.

Edit: http://www.kouryakubo.com/darksouls_en/DarkrootGarden.html On this map, Avina is located in the building where the Stone Armor set is.

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Join the Blades of Darkmoon or kill Gwynevere. The Anor Londo fight club is the best PvP in the game.

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Darkmoon Blades are Batman

Darkwraiths are the Joker


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@ThePaco: Hehe, from what I read Avina hates Sif for some reason and is glad that you take him out, but how could you hate him he is just so adorable with that greatsword in his mouth. Im half tempted to raise my agility, str and magic to 20 so I could make it, but ill stick with the faith build there are plenty of weaps... I dont wish to join the darkwraiths to be honest they sound like they try a bit too hard to be douchebags but I really wish I had met Kaathe for a chat :S the game doesnt really give u an option unless u go out of your way tho and I dont see who would other than by coincidence (exploring) or looking it up, I still cant remember where he is, briefly had a look on wiki

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Why do you even want to be a Darkwraith? Be a man and go for another covenant or just PvP at the Kiln at SL 120.

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I dont, that is the whole point of the thread. I am really annoyed that you can not obtain them in the long run any other way, meanwhile invasions never stop. Ever. So half the ppl in the game must be going darkwraith to be a dick, I wish they would just take them out and make everyone pvp the other ways.

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