New FPS issues

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I hadn't done a play-through of the game in a few months and when I put it in I noticed I was having FPS drops in areas where I didn't remember having them before. It was most noticeable in the Undead Asylum, Firelink Shrine, and parts of Undead Burg (especially the Wyvern Bridge). Has anyone else had this issue? It could be that I'm just noticing the frame drops more because I've been playing a lot of games on a computer where they run at 60 almost constantly. I had a friend watch me play and asked her if she noticed the dips being worse as well and she definitely did so it might not be me just noticing them more. This is on 360 by the way. I cleared the cache to see if it might have been a patch that did it but it didn't do anything

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The wyvern bridge generally has some frame drops when the hellkite sweeps across it. Other than that, I haven't had any such issues with the Undead Asylum or Firelink Shrine. This is the PS3 and PC versions though.

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@turambar: on the bridge I'm having a huge FPS drop just when I'm walking across it now.

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