PvP good at all, yay or nay?

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SL162, 72 endurance, 37 vitality, 50 strength, and the rest are all pretty much basic level. I generally run around in full Havel's except for the Armor, which i replace with the Elite Knight Armor +10. My preferred weapons are Queelag's Fury Sword, Lightning Estoc +5, and a Black Knight's Greataxe +5. My rings are the Ring of Favor and Protection and either the Dark Wood Grain Ring or Hornet Ring. Would i stand a chance in PvP, or would i walk in there getting slaughtered by people who have speced their stats better and chosen a better setup? I'm open to equipment and stat recommendations. I mainly ask because i play on the Xbox 360, and they make you pay for internet, and to be honest i probably wouldn't use the internet for much else so i'd like to know if i should bother buying a few months. Lemme know ^.^

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