Sad Sif and joining the Darkwraiths

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Hello all

Just wondering, is there a way to access the DLC, have the different introduction to Sif the boss and join the Darkwraith covenant in the same playthrough? I may be missing something but it seems that without the ring from Sif, I can't get to the Four Kings and meet Kaathe, but in order to access the DLC I need to have placed the Lordvessel to remove the yellow fog from the Duke's Archives, but having placed the Lordvessel first Kaathe may not appear? Am I missing anything?

Much appreciated.

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I believe that if you have never talked to Frampt you may be able to get to Kaathe while still placing the Lordvessel beforehand. I do know that you can just drop down the hole without talking to Frampt, but I forget whether that still allows you to trigger Kaathe.

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If you jump down the hole in Firelink and place the Lordvessel both Kaathe and Frampt will turn on you.

As far as I know there is no way to get the alternate Sif and side with Kaathe.

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I'd say probably not, but the scenario you present seems to be created purely for that function. I can't see a reason why you absolutely needed to do both of those things in the same playthrough.

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