Some items stats/buffs changed in the PC version?

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While I've been playing and loving the PC version of Dark Souls (just got to Sen's Fortress), I noticed after acquiring the dark wood grain ring that some items have had their stats or buffs changed from their console counterparts. With the dark wood grain ring specifically, the ninja flip now only happens under 25% load, instead of 50% like on consoles (my equip load testing this was 20.6/75.6, 27%). I also noticed that the eagle shield (and item I used a lot on my 360 character) no longer blocks 100% physical damage, it's now 95%.

Can anyone confirm these changes in their games? Only thing I found googling for this was a uncorroborated footnote on the dark wood grain ring on some Dark Souls wiki that it has indeed been "nerfed". Did From say that they were tweaking certain items in the PC version(if so, anyone got a link)? Does this mean that these changes will also come to consoles, possibly in the Artorias DLC? I hope not, since the dark wood grain ring is now completely useless to me, since I like to use medium-tiered armor like brass armor and ornstein's armor. So yeah, anyone else noticed changed item stats/buffs?

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There are a bunch of nerfs to previous items. Otherwise nobody would use any of the DLC stuff.

The Darkwood Grain ring was pretty broken anyway. There really wasn't any reason any build shouldn't have that, the Ring of Favor and Protection, or both. This just creates more variety.

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Well, that explains why the Claymore just doesn't feel "right" in the PC version! Guess I'm switching weapons now.

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dwgr is still great for the appropriate builds it was meant for .. stupid ass ninja tanks were an oversight .. it still gives you a slightly faster roll recovery at 50% now .. just no ninja flip unless under 25% .. oh and my current build is heading for ring of favor and pro and dwgr eheh .. nerfs be damned .. cant wait to get the new daggers

edit .. oh looking at that gamespot page , it seems they just buffed mid rolls across the board .. ohwell .. my dwgr build is going to be under 25% anyways dont even need favor and protection , might use wolf ring or still the hornet ring (30% bonus is still going to be op with the new s scaling dagger)

@Morbid_Coffee: greatswords are still great just slower now .. zweihander i suspect isnt as good as it was anymore either ..but i suspect that this just means that greataxes etc have more viability as their speed wasnt that much better than greatswords before ..if they havent been touched then thats nice.

theres also a new boss weapon greatsword , that has a awesome flipping r2 attack , so i dunno .. also the new stone giants have axes ,

oh and the demon great hammer should now be more viable too .. which is great cuz that thing is a beast.

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That dwgr nerf is so appropriate. I'm not sure why they had it at 50% to begin with... o3o

Overall, I really like all these changes. Everything just seems to fit right into place.

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I know for a fact you get 3 hard humanities off of the corpse in the well at Firelink. Good change. Motivates people to unhollow and do online things earlier, since "oh shit, I only have one, better save it" is rather prevalent in a lot of gamers. Dark Souls just compounds the worry by making it legitimate in most cases.

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