Some Pyromancer help?

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Hey guys, I just recently got into Dark souls on the PC, I've been wondering what weapons to use right now. My stats are: Vit-23, Att-20, End-28, Str-16, Dex-14, Res-12, Int-39 and Faith-8. I just killed Seethe and acquired the Moonlight Great-sword; thinking it would be awesome, but I realized how much I hate really slow weapons... I've been aiming my build to be a mix with Pyromancies and sorceries, willing to change it around though. I've been using a Magic Balder Side Sword+5 and I've quite enjoyed it. I was wondering if there are any other swords I should wait to get, because I've been contemplating to blow all my Blue Titanite on the thing and get it to Enchanted+5. I'm not sure if that's the way to go and anything would be of help.

Also quick note, I've done some dumb things and I've eaten souls of bosses and by that I mean all of them... I kinda wanted Queelag's fury... but that won't happen heh.

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I went with Quelaag's Fury Sword, or however you spell it. Scimitar types are pretty great.

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An enchanted Baldur Side Sword +5 can be quite boss. Really anything works, maybe look at an uchigatana? You have good enough stats that you should have a fair range of weapons to pick from. It seems like you mostly rely on spells anyway. If you want to really do some damage try getting a strength scaling weapons and making it plus 15 than using one of the really high end enchants on it it like moonlight weapon or Crystal weapon.

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If you want to focus on offensive sorceries and pyromancies, and will be pretty often changing weapons, I'd say go with any enchanted fast attacking weapon. However, if you want to actually melee for the most part, go make a +15 normal weapon (Balder side sword always a good choice) and use the crystal magic weapon sorcery on it.

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