Sorcerer advice - should I bother upgrading gear early game?

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I'm around SL 32 and have mainly been putting my souls into leveling. I know most classes put souls into gear (armor/weapons) in equal portion to leveling, but since the sorcerer's damage is INT dependent for spells should I be bothering upgrading the gear? It seems like a waste of souls at this point since I'll still get one shotted in +5 armor - I was thinking of just waiting until I get the higher armor sets and a better weapon.

I know I'll be screwed for PVP encounters but I plan on dying when it comes to that anyways. What do you guys think?

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Save souls for spells, as far as Sorc goes getting to 44 Int is the only goal you should have. Spell progression should be: Soul Arrow, Great Soul Arrow, Great Heavy Soul Arrow, Homing Soul Mass (don't know how bad it got nerfed), Crystal Homing Soul Mass, Soul Spear, Crystal Soul Spear. 8 VIT runs are entirely possible thanks to your absurd damage output potential. Dusk Crown and/or Gwyndolin's hat plus sorc boosting ring = success. Use Logan's super catalyst for overkill. Don't PvP, if you simply MUST then camp corners with soulmass variants and hope the guy's an idiot.

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