(SPOILERS!) Four Kings on New Game+?

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Can't speak for NG + unfortunately, but the general consensus is just fucking hammer the shit out of them asap by any means possible. Any more than 2 kings and you're in trouble, Dual wield something nasty and grass shield (I think?) for stamina buff, because you really have no time to fuck around.

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Blocking the 4 Kings attacks drain your stamina to such a punishing degree, it's like the game is begging you NOT to block. This is why everyone here says to either tank the damage and keep hitting, or roll dodge + counterattack. The only time you may want to use your shield is to block magic projectiles (which are annoying to outrun).

Dodging is by far the most effective method, and doesn't require min/maxing like the tank method. It can be done with no armor and any decent melee weapon.

BUT, there's a key to dodging in Dark Souls that should be SUPER OBVIOUS, which makes the 4 Kings a lot easier. I'm saying nothing new but, like an idiot, I didn't realize this until my fourth playthrough:

When most enemies are about to do a sweeping attack, the direction where they're pulling back their weapon is a safe zone. You always want to roll against the sweep, not with it.

Of course with forward stab attacks, left or right doesn't matter, but the 4 Kings also do a lot of sweep attacks. So if one of the Kings pulls back their sword on your left side, roll left then attack. When they pull back on your right side, roll right.

I used to just roll backwards, which means losing an opportunity to counterattack. The left-left/right-right dodging method works great for any huge enemy with a weapon (i.e. Titanite demon, Giant Armor Guards, Taurus & Capra Demons, etc.), but human-sized enemies too.

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