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This is my first Souls game, but I've been loving it. People in reviews kept saying it was very hard, but that made it more satisfying. Which is fine to say, but I don't think I really got what they were saying until last night.

I'm playing a warrior. I found my way back to the Asylum, and I was fighting this Black Knight, and he kept killing me, again and again. I was doing good damage, though, and was certain I could kill him if I just found the right pattern. But he KEPT getting me. And then eventually I was desperate and trying crazy shit. So I took off ALL my armor and I double-handed my club rather than use my shield, because he was killing me when he hit me anyway, right? the armor wasn't helping. So I took it all off and I was a lot faster. It still took a ton of tries, but it was easier, and I eventually killed him. I've never played a game that makes you work so hard for victory. But then again, I've never played a game where victory tastes this god damned sweet, either.

Have you had any Eureka moments like this? Post them!

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When I first started at a Wanderer and I got to the Taurus Demon, I was having so much trouble. There was a tip on the ground about lightning but It really didn't help since I didn't have any lightning, So I realized with one of his attacks he jumps back, so the next time I fought him I tried to keep him in the middle-ish where the wall is broken and had him face a certain way where if he jumped back he'd fall off, eventually it worked. And man, did it feel good.

Later I restarted as a thief, I found the item that gave your weapons lightning status and I beat him in one try. :|

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I am playing as a wanderer and tried the bell Gargoyle about 5 times and got really messed up each time. I decided to grind out 4 levels, reinforce my two main weapons twice, and saved up to buy a magic staff and the arrow bolt things. 6 hours later (with much help from the magic bolts) I killed the Gargoyles my first try. WOO!

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