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I had this really cool idea for a sort of in-game forum and discussion area for future Dark Souls installments. It would be this sort of inter-dimensional tavern that anybody could access and it would link all the players together in one area, but combat would be disabled. There would be "tables" where players could discuss (you'll need a headset) certain topics: boss battles, secrets, hints, lairs, enemies etc. So you join the boss battles table and you wanna talk about how hard it was to beat that certain boss. You scroll down to that bosses name and select it. You're then put in a private conversation with all the gamers that that want to talk about that dang boss. It could be people who beat it and want to gush over it, rage over how many times it killed you, need help in beating it, or any manner in between. The point of the matter is you'll be put in a conversation with people who all want to talk about this topic. This allows for help to be instant and a way for you to recount your strategy, or just gush about how awesome the battle was. You get the ability to recount your epic quests in a medieval tavern with your character drinking a flagon of mead surrounded by like-minded individuals. How awesome would that be?

The whole point of this tavern would provide in-game help and create a better sense of "we're all in this together". It breaks the immersion going to the internet or web browser, if you're on steam, and looking something up. This tavern would allow you to directly interact with fellow gamers who just want to help or, on the other hand, require your help.

If you read all these ramblings and agree with me then great, if not could you explain why this aspect wouldn't work because right now it just seems like an awesome idea. That being said I'm not a programmer and I have no idea how many servers something like this would require and maybe From Software can't provide that kind of service, but wouldn't it be awesome? I mean, come on, you get to see everybody's badass character builds and newcomers get to gaze in awe at what they can become over a flagon of mead while you talk to real people about how awesome this game is.

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This would really fit more in the King's Field series rather than the Souls games. To me it would be even more immersion breaking than opening up a browser on my phone or going to the computer. The thing is that in Souls games you are supposed to feel alone, overwhelmed and small.

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@bambamcz: And by alone you mean with near-unlimited opportunity for coop? While also constantly spotting the apparitions of other players running around? And not to mention messages, bloodstains, and--while detrimental--invasions. Hell, Dark Souls II has even introduced the possibility for voice-chat of all things Yes, you can avoid all of that by playing offline, but the same could be said for this Tavern idea.

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@yummylee: I am well aware of those things, but most of the time the player still spends playing alone, though I guess some people do coop through majority of them. Bloodstains\Messages I really don't think interfere with feeling alone, it definitely doesn't create a sense of community within the setting as a tavern would. Plus wouldn't it really just break the "bleak" atmosphere of the games when you'd "teleport" to a happy go lucky tavern full of people?

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@bambamcz: God fucking dammit I had written up my reply to you but then Giant Bomb happened and I lost it...

OK, take 2:

I don't think it'd be that different from the Nexus in DS or Majula in DkS2 really. Though I intentionally left out Firelink Shrine as that place can get to be pretty depressing, and most definitely does accentuate a feeling of loneliness with how so many people in there may very well die. Whereas in the Nexus and Majula you're always bound to be within some company, unless you yourself decides to kill everyone.

In any case, I think the Tavern thing sounds like an alright idea. It would surely be easy to ignore for those not interested, and could provide a HUB for those interested in interacting more within a community. Though of course like with any online environment, scumbags would likely be prevalent... But besides that, the Tavern idea in theory sounds OK by me.

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That sounds like the exact opposite of what Dark Souls should be.

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The whole idea behind Dark Souls systems of communicating with other players is anonymity and vague inspiration or deceit. This would completely go against the entire ideal of the series.

It is a good idea for some other not as good game that needs something else maybe, but it's a terrible idea for Dark Souls.

I find it amusing how some people think it's a good idea- it implies they don't actually like Dark Souls from a design stand point. I don't know why, but I find that fascinating.

This will probably come off harsh (I am being rather blunt), but it's how I feel about it. I don't mean to be offensive; sorry if it comes off that way.

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@cornbredx: yeah I totally get what you mean. It would definitely ruin the whole point of the entire game. Atmosphere would be ruined if something like this tavern were to happen. I just thought it would be a nice way to interact, but Dark Souls isn't nice so that would ruin the game. Good point and it wasn't harsh or offensive just blunt and that's what I like about it.

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