What Class Did You Roll and What Are You Now?

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#1 Posted by Seppli (11232 posts) -

Rolled Deprived and as per usual I' m building the character up to be a tank. Went up to 18 with Vitality first and then brought up Strenght and Endurance each to 17. Put one point in Dexterity, so that I can use a Rapier for backstabbing heavily armored foes. I'm like 8 hours in and level 26 or so.

I likely will keep on going down this path until I'm buried under a mountain of steel. Already wearing a helmet that's WAAAY to big. I love it. Vinny would get a nervous breakdown playing my character.

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#2 Posted by DonChipotle (3390 posts) -

I started as a Pyromancer. Wasn't really digging it. So then I rolled a Bandit and really dug it. And then today I decided to try out Cleric and ended up loving that even more.

So as of right now I am a Cleric building towards a Paladin role. The Astora Longsword certainly helps this route.

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#3 Edited by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Wanderer and I'm building up to be a fighter I guess. Not really sure what to call it. Leveling Health, Strength and Stamina (Endurance?) for now and will eventually level up Dex once I get my strength high enough. Using the Hollow Soldier's Shield or whatever it is called and the Drake Sword right now. Using Black Leather top and Thief Mask I think its called and the default gloves and pants for a Wanderer.

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#4 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

I chose wanderer. It's working out alright for me so far.

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#5 Posted by Shadow (5293 posts) -

I've got a level 20 or so pyromancer, but I'm going to restart as a cleric as soon as I get home. I didn't realize just how useful and diversified miracles are this time around. I mean goddamn...

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#6 Posted by MrMuscle (497 posts) -

Warrior and ive put all my points in str, vitality and endurance. I dont have a clue what im doing :D

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#7 Posted by Bamsen (377 posts) -

Rolled pyromancer and liking it so far. Using light armor, shield from a dragon I found in drake valley and an awesome axe.

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#8 Posted by Jimmi (184 posts) -

@MrMuscle: I feel like if you enjoy hitting people you can't really go wrong with this.

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#9 Posted by MetalBaofu (1623 posts) -

I went with a bandit. I've rang the first bell and I'm around level 17, I think....can't really remember for sure.

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#10 Posted by StrikeALight (1202 posts) -

Just rolled a Warrior. Fresh out of the asylum and still level 4. Time to do some 'splorin!

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#11 Posted by musclerider (812 posts) -

Rolled Deprived and am now Level 31 or 32. My highest stat atm would be Endurance at 23.

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#12 Posted by management (623 posts) -

I rolled a Hunter so I could start out with a bow. I'm dumping points into strength, vitality and endurance. I got a Knights Shield and the Drake Sword. All default armor for my class so I can roll around with relative ease. Bought a helmet but as soon as I equip it I start to roll really slow, I need to buil up that endurance.

I'm a couple of hours in by now, really liking the game.

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#13 Edited by JacDG (2186 posts) -

@metalhead87 said:

I went with a bandit. I've rang the first bell and I'm around level 17, I think....can't really remember for sure.

Looks like we are practically at the same point in the game, with the same class. I somehow found something called a Drake Sword, and that weapon is by far the most powerful I've seen so far, 200 damage and the requirements are pretty low, made my life so much easier. Loving the game by the way, even though some deaths can be discouraging at times. Boss design is incredible.

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#14 Posted by buttersdaman000 (27 posts) -

Going for a Dex/str/end build with secondary vit/int

Magic will only be used as a last resort so I dont need to really flesh that out and I found that in demons souls you dont really need to level up your health that much.

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#15 Posted by TheHT (14317 posts) -

Wanderer. Building that DEX and END with the occasional STR or VIT.

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#16 Edited by MiniPato (2821 posts) -

I went with a thief. My dexterity is currently at 26 and I've pretty much stopped putting points into it because all I find are greatswords, hammers, and halberds that all require strength. How's a DEX focused guy supposed to get by? Anyways, now I'm putting points into endurance and vitality mainly and the occasional resistance point. Trying not to spread myself thin. Might put some into INT so that Big Hat Logan will talk to me.

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#17 Posted by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

I went with knight for my first run, I haven't found the immobility to be that big of an issue yet. Level 26, putting points in Endurance, Strength and Dexterity mostly. I wanted to use sword and shield but I ended up with a +5 Halberd I'll probably never get rid of.

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#18 Posted by Shadow (5293 posts) -

By the way, if anyone wants to do some item transferring, I've got a few items on my pyromancer that I want on my new character. If someone has a similar situation, we could help each other out. I'm playing on the PS3 by the way

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#19 Posted by Klei (1798 posts) -

Went with warrior up to level 20, rang the first bell, and now i'm going back as a Knight, for fun. Love the armour too.
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#20 Edited by LegionVsNinja (66 posts) -

I started out as a Wanderer. I'm level 32 now. Early, I was fairly neutral. Once I hit 22 I started to dump points into Dex and Endurance. I was planning on doing a PvE build for my first time through the game, but the siren song of the Forest Hunter covenant called and I answered. Now, I swapped my Drake sword for a Iaido +7, my Wanderer armor for the ninja gear shown in Rorie's article, and a fancy ring that makes me nearly invisible.

To my fellow adventurers, I apologize in advance for those I may kill in the forest. I have tasted the blood of men, and I find that I enjoy it.

Also, Sen's Fortress just scares me. So, I'm kind of stalling before I go in there.

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#21 Posted by FateOfNever (1874 posts) -

Think I'm about level 30 right now, started with a Thief. I'd be considerably higher level buuuut I had to drop 46,000 souls on absolution so the blacksmith wouldn't want to kick my ass anymore after I accidentally attacked him. Right now I've just finished the depths and am making my way through Blighttown; think I'm about halfway through since I finally reached the bottom. My points are kinda going 'wherever'. Not that I'm placing them randomly, and my last fair number of points have been in endurance and vitality so that I can finally block things and not have my guard broken in about two hits. But I put some starter points into Faith so I could use a sword that was really good when I got it and will be good for when I want to go into the catacombs, I put some points into strength after that for the drakesword, hard to say where I'll go next, probably more points in vitality and endurance if I had to guess.

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#22 Posted by RuneseekerMireille (337 posts) -

I'm a Pyromancer who's increasing my Dex and Magic Skills at the same time. It allows me to use my three favorite weapons at the moment: Scythe, Magic, and Whip! Having a blast so far. Haven't done any PvP, though.

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