Which platfrom PC, PS3 or 360

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So I am looking to get into some dark souls as I have heard alot about it, and i will be getting the prepare to die edition, I just wanted everyones opinion on which would be the best platform to get it on PC, PS3 or 360, also one last question, if i was to buy a retail copy for PC dose it register on steam aswell? thanks look forward to your opinions!

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PC for sure

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PC. I'm not sure about if the retail PC version will have a Steam key. It is GFWL so I assume that those don't necessarily come with Steam keys.

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PC is the best option by far. I tried going back to my PS3 copy the other day and found that the frame-rate was so attrocious that I could not even play the game. Maybe I am just spoiled, but the sub-20fps frame rate is unacceptable.

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PC dogg. Blighttown gets gnarly on consoles.

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I prefer the PC version because of the mods (DSfix, textures that enhance the faces and display PlayStation button symbols, sharper text and self Gravelording.), the ability to back up saves without subscribing to PS Plus and because it's my preferred platform (I don't have to turn on another system to play it.). The PS3 version has a better community and its online will be playable longer, since GFWL is being terminated in spring, but it's not enough in my opinion. It requires a PC much more powerful than the PS3 to run at a constant 30 FPS, unless you unlock the framerate, which I wouldn't recommend.

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This article says that your retail key is a Steam key, so I am guessing yes it will. It'll also be your GFWL key.

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PC if you don't care about online. PS3 otherwise. There are a ton of hackers online on the PC version.

Edit: Also, you make sure you have a controller for the PC version.

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PC if you don't care about online. PS3 otherwise. There are a ton of hackers online on the PC version.

What this individual said. I'd like to replay it on PC once I get a new rig, but I'm not looking forward to the trainer-users invading me. The PS3 will give you a better framerate than the Xbox 360.

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I've played it on 360 and PC. PC was better, less blurry textures, after the DSfix. Without the fix they are technically the same as its a scrape port job. To me, that doesn't detract from the experience. Any version is technically fine and playing with a game pad is preferable to mouse and keyboard. I use my xbox 360 controller on my PC to play this, though.

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