Xbox 360 controller STOPPED working on PC.

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For whatever reason, it seems that my 360 controller has stopped working in Dark Souls for no apparent reason. It works on everything else I've tried, it even brings up the guide when I press it in game, but it won't work with the game itself. Any suggestions? Kind of unplayable without a gamepad D:

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Are you sure that this is not the result from rage quit or something similar? ^^ Ok, sarcasm and joke aside. If the controller didn't work from the beginning then don't worry, I have a Dual Shock 3 hooked to my PC and it worked great for many games, just not Dark Souls. So I switched to using keyboard alone (no mouse, no controller). After the initially confusion, everything have gone smoothly. On my NG+ now. If the controller simply stop working after awhile then I guess you just have o replace it. Finally, good luck playing this game, you'll need it.

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