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    Dark Woods 2

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    Dark Woods 2 is an ASCII-based adventure game.

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    Game overview

    In Dark Woods 2, the hero named Eduin is lost in a castle ruin populated by dark creatures that are after the poor player's blood. The game is presented in a series of levels, where the objective is always to kill all enemies. During their travels, players collect gold and gems. Creatures killed and treasures collected are tallied up to form a total score upon the player's inevitable death.

    System Requirements

    Dark Woods 2 recommends a Pentium II (233 MHz), VGA graphics card and a PC-compatible keyboard. Sound effects are played through the PC speaker.


    • Movement - arrow keys
    • Sword slash - space bar, followed by an arrow key for thrust direction
    • Bow - S, followed by an arrow key for shot direction
    • Spell casting - M, followed by a arrow key for firewall spell direction
    • Waiting - . (period)
    • Suicide - +
    • Sound on/off - F
    • Quite - ESC

    Scoring System

    The player's total points are calculated as follows:

    • Gold: 10 points
    • Jevels: 20 points
    • Orc: 30 points (killed with a sword) or 20 point (killed with a bow)
    • Troll: 50 points
    • Level completed: 100 points


    Dark Woods 2 is a freeware game. It may be used and distributed freely as long as no fee is charged for use or distribution.


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