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My Dark Review 0

Dark might look cool with its cel-shaded graphics, but that isn't enough to make this game good. Although it tries very hard at being a good stealth game, unfortunately it doesn't quiet get it right, just like everything else this game brings to the table. You play as Eric Bane who has recently been turned into a vampire, but he doesn't know why or by whom, because he has amnesia. That is when Eric finds out that everything he thought he knew was wrong and that our world is full of vampires. It ...

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The graphics of the game is not so good 0

I liked the powers in the game which the vampires should have but the graphics are sketchy type. I didn't like the graphics. Overall the game is also okay. The story line is not so good. Not so enjoying to play the game. After playing games like Remember Me & Metro Last Light I didn't like to play this game at all....

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