Darkest Dungeon 2 announced

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#1 Posted by Cybexx (1633 posts) -

PC Gamer interview link

We announced Darkest Dungeon 2. Very light on details so far but I hope @alex is mildly excited. No platforms or release date announced yet.

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#2 Posted by DasaKamov (1113 posts) -

Well hot damn! The change from "sieging your own corrupted estate" to a more dynamic "embarking across a variety of different lands" is a great (red) hook.

Also, I *love* that you were able to work with Wayne June and Stuart Chatwood again; their contributions were a huge factor providing atmosphere to the dark world Red Hook built.

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#3 Posted by Brackstone (892 posts) -

Oh man, cool stuff. I love Darkest Dungeon, and the changes to the meta level sound really cool. I like the idea of longer gruelling journeys, and I guess Crimson Court was sort of the first prelude to that sort of thing.

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#4 Posted by Efesell (4478 posts) -

@brackstone: I uh..I hope that's all they take from Crimson Court.

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#5 Edited by handlas (3396 posts) -

We? You part of the team? I think I bought the first one on 3 different platforms because I liked it so much... to a point. Then it gets too hard and I quit 😭

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#6 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8864 posts) -

Neat! I've still gotta try the original at some point.

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#7 Posted by DasaKamov (1113 posts) -

@efesell said:

@brackstone: I uh..I hope that's all they take from Crimson Court.

I know the Crimson Court is a love-or-hate deal, but I feel like a lot of the backlash came from the fact that that expansion threw a huge curveball at players who thought they knew DD1 in-and-out, and could beat the system. Personally, I thought it was a great twist on the "vampire" archetype, and the new mechanics added an entirely new dimension to the fairly routine means of progressing through the game.

@handlas said:

We? You part of the team?

Clicking on OP's profile will reveal to you that they are part of the Red Hook development team.

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#8 Posted by Relkin (1166 posts) -

This is certainly good news!

I don't really have any opinion on the Crimson Court, but the one thing I hope they change is a problem I had with the recruitment system. When you start moving into the late game content (hardest difficulty), you lose folks fairly regularly. Losing folks isn't the issue; by that point in the game you've probably lost some of your favorite people. The problem lies in that when you go to replace that fallen comrade, you have to pick up a low level character and then grind them up to level six again. I know they implemented an upgrade to the caravan that put some mid-tier characters in the hiring pool, but when it comes down to it, hiring a level 0 and hiring a level 2 is no different at that stage in the game. They both require leveling up to be useful, and the time sink that ensued led to me not finishing the game.

I look forward to the game, but at this point all I need to know is if the sequel has the same problem. If so, I don't see myself playing it.

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#9 Posted by militantfreudian (682 posts) -

Huh, Lepers are back for the sequel. Darkest Dungeon remains one my most-played games, and needless to say, I'm pretty fucking stoked for the new one.

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#10 Posted by bmccann42 (403 posts) -

Darkest Dungeon is a game I own, but it gives me soooooo much anxiety to play that I enjoy it but at the same time don't enjoy it.

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#11 Posted by Efesell (4478 posts) -

@dasakamov: I like the idea of a curveball like that but Crimson Court went too much too fast.

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#12 Posted by madpierrot (110 posts) -

I am so excited for this. Darkest Dungeon is my favorite game of the last 3, 4 years. Put hundreds of hours into it. Beat it multiple times and still playing it to this day.

Just this early look makes it seem like exactly what I want. Building and improving on what's there will not completely changing it up.

I guess I just hope they don't get too... cutesy with balancing. They certainly made cool and interesting changes as the game went along, but at times it felt like the were just reaching for some changes. And when they brought in a modder to help balance it that made me wonder what's going on.

Still I can not wait for this. I am literally doing a run of Darkest Dungeon now just achievement hunting because I want to keep playing it.

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It was fun to watch it on the site, but I never played it because I head the endgame was way too ridiculous. Hopefully they have some more varied difficulty options in this one because I'd love to get into it.

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#14 Edited by Efesell (4478 posts) -

@csl316: They did eventually add a Radiant difficulty which is just an overall boost to the progression and removes the mechanic of only being able to do the last dungeon one time per character. It does very little to change moment to moment difficulty but is designed around the idea of actually finishing a game of Darkest Dungeon instead of just getting tired of it and stopping.

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#15 Posted by clagnaught (2117 posts) -

Oh word!

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#17 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5989 posts) -

Awesome. Probably played 100 hrs of the first one, never coming close to beating it. lol. Let's just say it's bad luck? Nah, my skill.

Very interested in what they do with a sequel, DD is legitimately amazing. While Early Access was the right decision for the original, I feel it somehow robbed it of ever getting any lasting attention, and it has live on as an underrated game.

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#18 Posted by thegame983 (62 posts) -

Congrats dude. Loved the first game. Eagerly awaiting the sequel.

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#19 Posted by Dryker (1050 posts) -

Oh, I'm all over this. I put about 90 hours into the original, and only about a dozen into the expansions. Not from lack of interest, just too many good games to play. Haven't even touched the Colour out of Space expansion (or whatever it's called). Absolutely love this game. Watched a lot of Youtubers play this. Bought a bunch of Wayne June audio books, but haven't really listened to them much. Huge Lovecraft fan! I'll probably get this one for the Switch. It's gotta be coming to that, right?

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