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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1991

    Guide Peyton Westlake on his quest for vengeance against Durant and his men in this action/adventure platformer based on the Sam Raimi film.

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    Gameplay Types

    The game consists of three different kinds of stages.
    1. Platforming stages
    2. Shooting gallery stages
    3. Dangling Stages
    The platforming stages are standard. run and jump across obstacles in the environment while avoiding or attacking enemies, until you reach the end of the level. At that point Darkman will either proceed to the next level or face a boss fight, if the player is going up against one of the members of Durant's gang. During the levels where you are attacking one of Durant's crew, Darkman spends part of the level disguised as the boss of the level. Darkman can do the boss' moves, and enemies will not necessarily attack you. However, this disguise only lasts for a limited time, determined by how well the player did on the photography stages.
    The shooting gallery stages put you behind a camera, instead of a gun, as you take pictures of the boss of the next stage to build up a disguise. While Darkman cannot be killed on this stage, your performance determines how long Darkman's disguise lasts on the next level.
    Dangling stages put Darkman hanging at the end of a rope underneath a helicopter as he's sent through traffic, like in the climactic scene with Durant towards the end of the film. Through this, Darkman can move up and down the rope, and collect power-ups and 1-ups in the environment. However, he can also be killed if he hits too many vehicles.

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