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    Darkside is a vehicle in the Twisted Metal series. The first driver was Mr. Ash who was in Twisted Metal 1, 3, and small brawl. The  new driver of Darkside is a woman named, Dollface.

    Mr. Ash

    Mr. Ash is a demon and creator of demons in hell like Minion and Black. Some people believe he's satan. In the game he's described as A ravenous creature who wants to get back what is rightfully his. He's hoping Calypso can help him retrieve an item so powerful it could destroy the world! In Twisted Metal 3 he returns as a boss in Washington, D.C. The only thing about him in the third game was that "he is out for blood". Mr. Ash is also in Twisted Metal: Small brawl.  


    Dollface is the new driver of Darkside in Twisted Metal Black series. She was a college student who worked for a mask maker. After accidently spilling coffee on important papers. The mask maker nailed a doll mask onto the girls face and locked it with a special key making her Dollface. She enters the competition so she can get the key. Dollface is also in the new Twisted Metal for the PS3.  


    Twisted MetalIn Twisted Metal, Darkside was described as A massive vehicle with awesome power but slow acceleration. Its special is Death Blast - Shoots out a tiny white ray directly at the target, although it is quite weak, it has a cool soundeffect.       

    Twisted Metal 3

    Darkside may be a boss and not a playable character but His special is similar to Minion, both shoot a freeze missile, except Darkside launches a flame while Minion launches 3 missiles. Beware that he is tough to beat.       

    Twisted Metal: Small Brawl 

    Darkside appears as an unlockable character, his special is meant to destroy opponents in a few hits, its a powerful ram. He has the best armor in the game.  

    Twisted Metal Black

    Darkside is a playable character after a hiatus of a few games, now driven by Dollface. It has a low speed rating, average control and special ratings, but a high armor rating. Its special is a power ram, which thrusts Darkside forward at great speed, ramming opponents and causing great damage.    

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