Darksider 2 question.

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Now like alot of you guys who have played the epic darksiders ia exited for the sqeual,But a question i have been wanting to ask is about the game.Is this a prequel set during darksiders 1 or is an actual sequeal set after war broke the seventh seal.

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Not really sure lol. But I do think it's a sequel, following up the events that took place in Darksiders. 

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jesus christ at that spelling... anyway, it runs concurrant with the first game, Death is trying to clear War's name from kick starting the apocalypse early

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It's during the same time period just from Deaths perspective...

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My understanding is that it runs concurrently with the events of Darksiders but you play as Death trying to clear your brothers name, looks like the other horsemen will make an appearance.

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It runs concurrently with the events of Darksiders

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The story takes place simultaneously with the first game. More or less.

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He is working to clear War's name, true, but it seems like the end game for Death is restoring the Balance. Bringing the earthlings back and undoing the destruction. 
Gotta say I'm down for it.

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