Don't like the way this game handles DLC

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Though release day and pre-order DLC is one of those things I guess we're just going to have to get used to for the time being, I'm a little weary of how this game seems to dangle carrots regarding DLC you don't have. I'm at what I assume to be the point of no return in this game and I'm yet to see what was supposedly going on with those invisible monsters, whether or not I can kill some of the wailing serpents that are at least targetable, or just what the hell those two blank spots on my abilities screen were supposed to be, and to be honest by the time it comes out I'm not that confident I'll be eager to return to the game either. Couldn't they have found a way to integrate that stuff neatly without it spilling over in a confusing fashion to the people who haven't bought it?

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The worst part is that you can't even buy it if you wanted to do it. It's only a preorder bonus. Obviously they'll sell it at some point, but to have it be in your game without any actual reason for it to be there is just stupid

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I used the weapons for about 1-2 levels, on the hardest difficulty, there isn't a big difference.

The crucible, is a descent dlc (which I got for free), but not a big loss.

It is basically horde mode , wave after wave of enemies.

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