How's the side stuff?

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I finished the game the other day and have yet to do any of the side stuff. Just about all the little quests and all of the actual optional temples remain on the map uncompleted. Are they fun? Are they all combat? If I come at the Forgelands ones with my level 20 Death is it just going to be a walk in the park or are there some good old fashioned puzzles like the other dungeons? Do you get anything good? Well, that last part doesn't matter anymore because I've completed the game, but it's a good question to ask regardless.

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@TheMasterDS: A lot of enemies in the game get leveled up and become the newer tougher versions with later game models so while it will kind of be a walk in the park for backtracking they will not be as weak as starting enemies. That said most of the side content is designed to be done concurrently with progression, not after finishing the game.

Side stuff has some puzzles, not the side quests but if you are actually doing exploration and trying to find hidden secrets then yes. There are a lot of hidden things, tomes, gnomes, shards, relics that give different benefits either items or stats, as well as some hidden unique legendary items.

There are some side boss battles that are toughest (single) fights in the game when you first encounter them, but now that you are 20 they should pose no problem. You get some unique weapons from them.

There are 2 main combat side things. Arbiters maze is mostly combat but with a puzzle element (tho that can be easily found on FAQs now). Crucible is where it is at, arena wave based mode that keeps increasing the challenge is basically the hardest combat the game can provide, also grants some unique loot if you finish waves consecutively, however the final 75-100 levels of the Crucible can only be done on newgame+ , if all 101 waves are done in a row you get access to a special fight as well.

At this point if you are already finished with the main story, value of gear/items from side content is only there if you are going to do newgame+ obviously.

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