My PC is busted, so...

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My gaming PC is down for the moment and the only person I trust to work on it is out of town. I plan on getting it repaired ASAP, but I REALLY want to play DS2. Should I bite the bullet and get the 360 version or wait for my PC to get fixed? Thoughts?

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The 360 version of Darksiders played well, I don't see any reason why not. I played through it and s-ranked it and don't remember any major issues with it, I completely enjoyed it... so if they made a good first game, their sequel on the same platform should be (technically) as good as if not better, right?

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#3 Posted by Sackmanjones (5591 posts) -

That's a lot of money buying 2 copies of a newly released game. I'd say just wait, what if you buy the 360 version and that breaks. Then your really fucked

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#4 Posted by Zurv (884 posts) -

i thought the 360 had super slow loading times and low frame rates time to time?

i've only played on the PC (no issues like that). I've read that even pretty low-end-ish PC run the game well.

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I purchased it for the PC and kinda regret it. I thought the controls for the PC were atrocious. Keep in mind, I'm not playing with an xbox controller on my pc. The controls are so bad, I'm thinking about giving up and buying a controller for this game. If i could redo, I would get it on console.

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