PC or 360 version...the choice!

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Could I get some views on both versions and which is best. Jeff says the pc version is sharper and has better frame rate but I am reading things about the pc problems, I.e. v synch, screen tearing etc. which would be annoying. Then I was reading about other 'technical' problems from other reviews and I am confused are there only problems when you enable v synch. Would appreciate the help as I am on my way home from a holiday today and stoked to get back and play the best version!

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The PC version is the best, really, but for the moment wait. Wait at least till the first patch is out and you can see how much they improved the game and ironed out the bugs and issues. Vigil confirmed yesterday that the first patch is bound to be released in the next few weeks, so the wait isn't that long. If by the time the PC version is patched it still doesn't convince you, get the game on 360.

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I'm not sure why you wouldn't get the PC version if you have a good enough PC...

V Sync can be fixed via nVidia control panel (or AMD equivalent); also, there's supposed to be a patch incoming. Other issues with the PC version are more to with expectations that people have from a PC version, such as low resolution textures - which are only going to be an issue with higher resolutions/the fact people are going to be closer to their monitors than their TVs.

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Always PC version.

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Aye my pc is high spec, was just reading lots of different things ( which is bound to happen) just need done confirmation that the pc version want as bad as people were saying in places.

Cheers for the advice

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Typos due to god damn iPhone auto correct!

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