Stuck/ possible Bug in Gilded arena.

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#1 Posted by Vash108 (187 posts) -

I am in the Gilded Arena area. I am working on the second animus stone to fight the champion. I found the next lantern I need to progress and run up the spiral staircase but the statue will not take the lantern and I cannot progress in the game. I have checked a guide and it shows it is the correct lantern and statue.

Anyone else have this issue?

Here is the guide if anyone wants to look it has screen shots and I am 2 thirds of the way down the page


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#2 Posted by Cogzwell (352 posts) -

I think I might be stuck as well, it's a little later though involving one of the undead lords. It's a shame too because before this all other bugs had been just irksome annoyances now I can't progress.

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