Is the demo not a good demo?

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#1 Posted by LikeaSsur (1752 posts) -

I played the demo a couple years ago when it first came out, and I remember being bored to death of it. I wrote this game off as an average God of War/Zelda clone, and that's what was being said about it on certain video game TV shows.

2 years later, the whole crew is excited about this and even moreso for Darksiders II, and I have to wonder, did the demo give me the wrong impression? I am a big fan of Legend of Zelda games and God of War, so will this appeal to me? I'm aware that I can probably find it for $20, but I'm a man of principle. I don't buy a game unless I know I'll like it.

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#2 Posted by StarvingGamer (11363 posts) -

You should, it takes more or less the best parts of both games (and a dozen other games) and mashes them all together.

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#3 Posted by Jimbo (10472 posts) -

Your experience with the demo matches my experience with the game.

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Nope, I played the demo and hated it, then I bought the game and loved it. I think it was a bad demo.

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#5 Posted by AlisterCat (7366 posts) -

I didn't like the demo but loved the full game. It is Zelda and God of War. Not as good as either, but better than just the parts. Try renting it, or watching a bit on Youtube and giving the demo a second go.

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Isn't the demo just the entire first dungeon? The game does get a lot better from there, but the first dungeon is still pretty awesome and that's a pretty generous demo. Maybe it's just better with the context of everything that comes before it? 
But yes, the whole game is fantastic. Given how cheap the game is these days, I would say just go for it.

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#7 Posted by Tylea002 (2382 posts) -

I hated the demo. Love the game. So another vote for that, here.

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#8 Posted by Omanyte_Jackson (34 posts) -

same i got half way though the demo and i got board. but it wasn't until i started watching letsplays of the game that i got into it.

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#9 Posted by butano (1997 posts) -

Never played the demo, but I picked the game up for $20 on Steam when it first went on sale. It was certainly in my top 5 games for 2010. I'll be getting the second game Day 1, in support of THQ keeping the lights on.

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#10 Posted by BeachThunder (14581 posts) -

I haven't played the demo, but the problem is likely to do with the fact that the game is based around progression (gradually gaining new items to become more powerful/solve puzzles). If the demo is just the first dungeon, then chances are that it's not really going to demonstrate that kind of gameplay very well...

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#11 Posted by The_Nubster (3157 posts) -

I don't remember the demo, but if it is the first dungeon like some are saying, that bit is a slog. it starts picking up pretty immediately past that, and I remember powering through about 80% of the game in one sitting once it got rolling.

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#12 Posted by Fearbeard (877 posts) -

I didn't care for the demo, but definitely enjoyed the full game.

I don't think I actually finished the demo, but what I played seemed to cover the tutorial section of the game which even in the full game I found to be pretty dry. The game definitely gets a lot better after that.

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#13 Posted by Getz (3764 posts) -

The gameplay is surprisingly diverse, but if all you've seen is the sword fighting and puzzle solving stuff then you could be forgiven for thinking there isn't much to it. The game is at it's best when it's taking you to crazy new places, introducing new mechanics at regular intervals, but the first few hours especially you don't really have a lot of options in combat.

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#14 Edited by CornBREDX (7198 posts) -

I've tried to play it twice.

It has interesting ideas and does a lot of neat stuff, but at the end of the day the game play gets tedious after a while as you tend to repeat the same thing over and over (and the arena portions to lift curses are annoying).

I am worried about this new one as I am hoping they have made the game less tedious to play, but they're saying it's longer and only thing I think of when somethings is made longer is how much padding did they add. I'm worried it may be more tedious then the first game.

I felt the same way when the bombcast kept mentioning it a few months back, but even when I played it again, while I love some things they do with the game, as a whole I keep getting bored with it.

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#15 Posted by Baillie (4708 posts) -

It's extremely boring, but I think Zelda is extremely boring too, so I guess... Yeah?

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#16 Posted by Zaccheus (1984 posts) -

Maybe it just isn't for you. I played through the whole game and it was pretty boring all the way through for me.

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#17 Posted by Raven10 (2186 posts) -

I liked what I played of the game a lot more than the demo. That said I ended up not finishing it as there were a ton of other games I wanted to play at the time so I just stopped about half way through. But the game as a whole is a lot more fun than the demo would have you believe.

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#18 Posted by Droop (1927 posts) -

Yeah I find it pretty boring too. And I can't stand the constant useless cutscenes where the game is just showing you a door opens or some shit.

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#19 Posted by mitsuko_souma (138 posts) -

I had the same experience. I played the demo and never even finished because I was so bored of it. Generally I strongly dislike hack n slash or button mashey games so that's probably why.

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#20 Posted by ProfessorEss (7957 posts) -

I couldn't put it down.

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#21 Posted by Cheesebob (1307 posts) -

I think it gets pretty fucking annoying near the end but it is a great game

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#22 Posted by 49th (3552 posts) -

I loved the demo and I also loved the game. The demo is the game.

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#23 Posted by dropabombonit (1542 posts) -

I didn't like the demo but gave the game another shot when I got it free on PS Plus. Still didn't like it, gave it 5 hours and was bored of it by then

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#24 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

Its probably one of the most convincing demos I ever played, they gave an entire dungeon fro the game so you could get a feel for the way the game was structured and although you dont have all the abilities and cant see exactly how the progression plays out its still incredibly fun, it sold me on the entire game but what i find from the demo to the full game is that you avoid the frustration of going into your menu to change items every few seconds which happens quite a bit in later dungeons.

the type of demos i hate are the ones that give you a tutorial to play through, one movement area, one shooting area and then a thanks now buy our game screen.I cant think of a recent example but there was a game i was excited for recently which had a really short demo and i ended up not buying it only to wait for reviews and it didnt fair too well, darksiders on the other hand has nothing to hide.

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#25 Posted by Justin258 (14374 posts) -

The full game doesn't actually get interesting until about an hour and a half, two hours in because the levels, enemies, and combat is kind of boring because the game doesn't start you with much. Once you really bite into it, though, the game is very good and very fun to play. At least for me it was.

You just have to commit to it to get through that first bit, which includes the worst part of the game. Pretty much everything after that is golden.

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#26 Posted by wjb (1907 posts) -

I enjoyed the game once it got rolling, but grew tired of playing it once the appeal of portal gun wore off toward the end.

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#27 Posted by LikeaSsur (1752 posts) -

Alrighty, duders. After careful deliberation and reading what's been said here, I will definitely be checking this game out again. 2 years have passed, maybe I've changed to suit this game more. Thank you for all your input, it did not go to waste. Here's to hoping I'm adding another wonderful game to my collection!

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#28 Posted by Phatmac (5930 posts) -

Darksiders is better than any current gen Zelda. It is remarkable and a must play for anyone. So give it a shot.

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#29 Posted by NekuCTR (1712 posts) -

Off-Topic: why have I been seeing so many Homestuck avatars recently?

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#30 Posted by TooWalrus (13391 posts) -

@AlisterCat said:

I didn't like the demo but loved the full game. It is Zelda and God of War. Not as good as either, but better than just the parts. Try renting it, or watching a bit on Youtube and giving the demo a second go.

I disagree, Darksiders is the best Zelda game since Windwaker, and God of War is the game that bored me to death.

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